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Shaquille O’Neal’s Heated Reply To an Online Troll




Shaquille O’Neal is one of, if not the greatest Centres in NBA History. He is definitely the most dominant centre we have seen. His list of accolades is almost as tall as he is. Shaq is a Hall of Famer and former NBA MVP. He’s won the NBA title 4 times and led the league in scoring twice. Not only did he make 15 All-star teams but also made 14 All-NBA teams in his 19-year career. Towards the end of his career, he became a bit of a journeyman as he ended up playing for 6 different teams. 

After retiring from the League, Shaq used his elite celebrity status to prolong his career. He joined the NBA on the TNT crew. Became an actor and was part of some very famous movies. He also had a music career which is coming and goes as per Shaq. He’s also a full-fledged DJ that performs in a lot of festivals and clubs. 

Shaq is a friendly giant. People genuinely love him because of how entertaining he is. However, recently with all the jokes people think Shaq is a hater of the modern game and he does not hold back from telling random people what he believes. 

Something like that occurs quite frequently on his socials and one such occasion happened recently.

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What did Shaq say?

Shaq is very active on his Instagram account. He regularly posts hilarious content that he finds on the internet. Some of them are even hypothetical posts we see from basketball pages. He obviously sits and goes through these posts on basketball pages. However, at times he comes along posts that wrongly insult and criticize the big man for comedic relief. But Shaq is not one to stay quiet. 


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In this post, they show how the late great Kobe Bryant had to put with Shaq and his antics whilst Kobe wanted to win an NBA Title. This questions Shaq’s work ethic, something he has been criticized for his whole career. Even Kobe used to mention it. Obviously, Shaq did not like this and commented on the post this, 

“And he also had to deal with me averaging 38 15 n three finals mvp. Big dummy. Wtf is u talking about. U need to google me. Do’nt be using my photos to build your terrible sight. It’s not working. Respect my greatness I did it my way”

Shaq also added, 

“Don’t forget it buddy”

Clearly, Shaq feels some type of way when his work ethic is questioned and he does not fail to let the world know. O’Neal was the best player on those Lakers Championship teams and is an all-time great. However, if he had limited distractions and worked more on his game, could he have become the best player of all time? 

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