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“She Knows It”- Valentina Shevchenko Claims She “Never Lost” the Amanda Nunes Rematch

Valentina Shevchenko and Amanda Nunes are two unstoppable forces in women’s MMA. Shevchenko currently rules the UFC flyweight division while Nunes is the champion of the bantamweight and featherweight division.

At the moment there is nobody in the bantamweight or featherweight division in UFC who can beat Amanda Nunes. They are just not skilled enough to even give Nunes a tough challenge for 5 rounds. However, Shevchenko can and she did in her first two encounters with Amanda Nunes.

Valentina Shevchenko had a close first fight against Nunes and the rematch was even better. Though Shevchenko lost the rematch the majority of the fans believe she did enough to beat Amanda Nunes that night. The flyweight champion even criticized the judges during her octagon interview after the rematch.

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Well, nothing has changed as Shevchenko still believes that she beat Nunes in the rematch. Shevchenko opened up about a possible trilogy with Nunes in the UFC 261 countdown series and said:

“It’s good that Amanda is doing great. But, definitely our second fight I know for sure I never lost it. She knows it. But most important is that I know that it’s a fight something gonna happen at some point.”

“But, everything will continue the same way. She is gonna have success in her weight class. I am gonna have success in my weight class.”

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Can Valentina Shevchenko beat Amanda Nunes?

Amanda Nunes has improved significantly since the rematch against Valentina Shevchenko. It can not be denied that Shevchenko has been equally dominant in her division as Nunes. But, Nunes looks like a much better fighter now when compared to Shevchenko.

Amanda Nunes
Amanda Nunes

Shevchenko will certainly have a solid chance to beat Nunes in the trilogy. But, Nunes is going to be the favorite in the trilogy especially considering her dominant title reigns in the bantamweight and featherweight division.

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