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MrBeast (Credit: YouTube)

Jimmy Donaldson, famously known on the Internet as MrBeast was born on May 7, 1998. He is an American YouTuber and has a huge fan following. There’s no video of him that doesn’t go viral. He is also known for being a philanthropist. His main YouTube channel has over 146 Million subscribers and 739 videos. It is the fourth most subscribed channel on the platform. Jimmy has pioneered a genre of YouTube videos that include giving free things to people and expensive stunts. He started his YouTube journey in 2012 with the handle MrBeast6000.

His first viral video was in 2017 in which he counted 100,000 and his channel has been on the rise ever since.2018 he made another amazing decision that further popularized his channel. In order to help PewDiePie surpass T-Series in the competition to have the most subscribers on YouTube, Donaldson purchased billboards and various television and radio advertising. PewDiePie was the biggest YouTuber back then and Jimmy used this rivalry to farm as many views as possible. Donaldson posted a recreation of the Squid Game series in November 2021, in which 456 participants competed for a $456,000 cash prize. The video has over 400 million views in 2023.

On July 28, 2022, his main channel surpassed the 100 Million subscribers mark.

Date of Birth May 7, 1998
Age 24 years
Height 1.91m
Weight 82 kg 
Net Worth $100 million
Kids None
Businesses MrBeast Merch, BeastBurger, Feastables

MrBeast’s net worth

Jimmy’s net worth in 2023 is over $100 million. He has multiple successful YouTube channels and also a few businesses with the MrBeast tag. He uses most of his sponsorship money to create his viral videos.

MrBeast family/girlfriend

MrBeast’s mother is Mrs. Donaldson, a housewife, and his father is Stephen Donaldson, a businessman by trade. His brother, CJ Donaldson, is also popular on the internet. His girlfriend’s name is Maddy Spidell. She is a popular Instagram model.

MrBeast’s all YouTube Channels

MrBeast has multiple Youtube channels across the platform including channels that post dubbed videos of the main channel, gaming, shorts, etc.

MrBeast list of channels and subscriber count

MrBeast(Main): 146 million

MrBeast Gaming: 32 million

MrBeast 2: 21 million

Beast Philanthropy: 12 million

Beast Reacts: 22 million 

Spanish MrBeast Channels-

MrBeast en Español: 23M subscribers

MrBeast Gaming en Español: 5M subscribers

Beast Reacts en Español: 6M subscribers

Portuguese MrBeast Channels-

MrBeast Brasil: 5.5M subscribers

MrBeast Gaming Brasil: 1.6M subscribers

Beast Reacts em Português: 1M subscribers

Other Language MrBeast Channels-

MrBeast en Français: 1.7M subscribers

(MrBeast Hindi) MrBeast हिन्दी: 1.5M subscribers

MrBeast in Arabic : 2M subscribers مستر بيست بالعربي 

MrBeast Japan ミスタービースト: 2K subscribers

MrBeast’s other businesses and philanthropy

Jimmy founded MrBeast Burger and the Feastables chocolate bar business. He also has a line of MrBeast merch which is sold online. He has also invested in the tech startup Backbone and also is a long-term investor/partner of financial technology company Current, which is a financial technology company.

He is a co-creator of Team Trees and Team Seas. Jimmy paid for cataract surgery for a thousand people and posted a video about it in 2023 which instantly went viral.

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