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Stephen Curry
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Wardell Stephen Curry II, Golden State Warriors Point Guard revolutionized the NBA with his range and 3pt shooting. He is the only unanimous MVP in the history of the NBA and has multiple accolades to his name for his exemplary shooting. His physical stature and height limited him from acquiring better college offers.

However, he turned himself into a major NBA draft prospect in 2009 by playing for Davidson college. He was named Southern Conference Player of the Year twice and set an all-time scoring record in Davidson and Southern Conference. Curry was drafted #7 by the Golden State Warriors and stayed loyal to them over the years. He is the only current player to have played 10+ seasons with the same team alongside Udonis Haslem.

Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors to a championship in 2015 after 40 years, ending the draught. He became the poster boy for the Warriors as well as the NBA. The Golden State Warriors broke Michael Jordan-led Chicago bulls’ record by winning 73 games in 2016 in a historical fashion.

Stephen Curry’s family is in the NBA as well and not just that, his father was an exceptional shooter and held multiple 3pt records when he played for the Charlotte Hornets. His brother Seth Curry is often foreshadowed by Stephen Curry’s achievements, however, he has earned a name for himself in the NBA for his efficient shooting. Curry is a family-oriented man and supports his wife Ayesha Curry in her ventures and does guest appearances in her cooking shows.

In his 2016 unanimous MVP season, curry became a part of the 50-40-90 club and the only one to average 30.0 ppg in the same season. He is the only player to have 400+ made 3s in a season at an exceptional efficiency. Stephen Curry leads the league in ‘True Shooting’ percentage, the most advanced shooting statistic. He is considered the greatest shooter in NBA history. In spite of innumerable accolades, Stephen Curry has a stain on his legacy. He never won a Finals MVP Award.

Age 32 years
Date of Birth 14 March 1988
Current Team Golden State Warriors
Position Point Guard
Salary $4.58 crores USD
Overall pick #7 Round 1 (2009)
Partner Ayesha Curry
Kids Riley Curry, Ryan Curry, Canon Curry
Height 6’3
Weight 184 lbs
Wingspan 6’3.5

Stephen Curry Net Worth

Stephen Curry’s current net worth is estimated to be around $160 million. The unanimous MVP ranks #6 in Forbes highest-paid athletes list, only behind Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. Stephen Curry signed NBA’s first $200 million contract with the Golden State Warriors in 2017 becoming the highest-earning player in the NBA for 2 straight years. In addition, Curry ranks #16 on Forbes’s highest-paid celebrities list.

Stephen Curry Endorsements

Stephen Curry signed a lucrative shoe deal with Under Armour in 2015. Owing to his monstrous 2015 NBA season and endorsement, the shoe sales soared and he was resigned by Under Armour with an equity stake in the $7.5 billion company. Nike lost its chance to sign the only unanimous MVP in NBA history because Stephen curry sensed poor work ethic and a lack of enthusiasm to sign him in Nike’s representative.

Stephen Curry has 4th richest shoe deal in NBA with Under Armour. He launched the first-ever ‘United We Win’ shoes for girls after receiving a heartfelt letter from a young fan.

In addition to the Under Armour shoe deal, some of the brands endorsed by Stephen curry are JP Morgan Chase, Vivo, and Nissan Motor. Stephen Curry also has a production company, Unanimous Media. Curry’s love for golf is well known, he held a gold club before he dribbled a basketball. His production house is a partial producer of the American sports reality competition series, Holey Moley.

Stephen Curry Charity and Foundation

Philanthropy and Charity have always been of utmost importance to Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry. They have involved themselves heavily in helping the underprivileged in diversified fields.

Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha Curry traveled all over the world to give back to the community they come from. They have campaigned for human rights, peace, animal rights, AIDS prevention, and women empowerment.

He raised $82,000 to fight Malaria in Africa. He has worked extensively for United Nations Foundation’s Nothing but Nets organization with his wife Ayesha Curry. In Addition, he campaigned for the Brotherhood crusade which serves more than 3000 at-risk youth in South Los Angeles with mentoring and literacy with President Obama and Chance the Rapper.

With Eat. Learn. Play foundation, Stephen Curry, and Ayesha Curry stepped up their efforts to help the people in need. They organized multiple training camps for local kids in Oakland and Curry’s name alone doubled the number of kids attending the camp. They hit the three foundation pillars of the organization Eat. Learn. Play by providing healthy breakfast to over 25000 kids, funded a $50,000 scholarship, and an opportunity for the kids to get in involved in sports.

The avid golfer signed a deal with Callaway in 2019 which includes a donation to launch a golf program at Howard University.

Stephen Curry Statistics and Achievements

Championships MVP FMVP All-NBA Titles
2015- Golden State Warriors

2017- Golden State Warriors

2018- Golden State Warriors

2022- Golden State Warriors

2015- Golden State Warriors

2016 Golden State Warriors (Unanimous)

2022- Golden State Warriors 3x All-NBA First Team

3x All-NBA Second Team

1x All NBA third Teams

NBA Scoring Champion (2016)

NBA steals leader (2016)

50-40-90 Club (2016)

All-Star Game MVP (2022)

Regular Season

PPG FG% 3P% eFG% TS% Assists Steals Blocks
24.3 47.3 42.8 58.1 62.3 6.5 1.7 0.2


PPG FG% 3P% eFG% TS% Assists Steals Blocks
26.6 45.2 40.1 55.9 60.9 6.2 1.6 0.3

How to contact Stephen Curry

Twitter: @StephenCurry30

Instagram: @stephencurry30

Facebook: Stephen Curry 

Website: https://sc30.com/

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