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Tennis Fans Devastated as Roger Federer Drops Out of Top 10 Rankings After 5 Years



Roger Federer

When it comes to Tennis you simply just can not ignore Roger Federer. The 20-time grand slam winner wrote a new era in the sport. He won numerous awards and achievements which makes him stand out. But most recently he has been out of the court due to injuries. He has been struggling with injuries for over a year now. This made him withdraw from many tournaments. Recently, his fans were given another shock after the latest ATP rankings were released. 

Where does Roger Federer stand now in the latest ranking released by the ATP? Will the Swiss star play any other tournaments? Here’s everything that you need to know about the player. 

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Roger Federer

Where does Roger Federer stand in the ATP ranking?

ATP most recently released its ranking according to which Roger Federer has been pushed out of the top 10. Currently, he stands at the 11th spot. This is for the first time in nearly 5 years when he has to sit back out of the top 10. The last time he was out of the top 10 was in the season 2016-17 when he was suffering from injuries. 

The 40-year-old Swiss star has not been featured since Wimbledon as he has been battling against his injuries. This will be just the 12th week of his 19-year-old illustrative career that he has to sit out of the top 10. For 968 weeks, he has sealed his spot into the top 10, a record for the player. 


Novak Djokovic still claims the top spot with Daniil Medvedev following him in the second spot. The winner of the Indian Wells Cameron Norrie has jumped 11 spots to gain the 15th spot in the latest release. 

Will the Swiss Star compete next year?

The Swiss star is in the process of healing and has assured his fans that he will try to make a comeback on the court as soon as possible. But with the recovery process still to take a few months, it is unsure if the player will be available next year for the Australian Open tournament. It all depends upon the recovery process as of now.