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Tennis Fans Disappointed as Attendance at the Australian Open to Be Slashed by 50 Percent



Well, we saw it coming. Amongst all the controversies ongoing within the Australian Government with regards to having a compulsory vaccine mandate, the government has yet again taken a strong yet required action of cutting the total attendance of the Australian Open by a massive 50 per cent.

The authorities also imposed the rule to compulsorily wear masks inside the venue with the only exemption being if you’re either drinking or eating.

For all the worried fans out there who have already bought the tickets, there’s nothing for them to worry about since they shall be allowed to watch the match live without any issues. 



What the Government Said About the Australian Open

This action comes during a period when the country of Australia is going through the biggest wave of COVID-19 ever since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic. There is insurmountable pressure on the hospitals to cater to the sick.

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Taking into consideration all of this it was obvious that the government would impose an attendance restriction on a tournament already plagued with controversies with regards to COVID and vaccination ever since Novak Djokovic arrived in the country and his VISA was suspended due to his lack of willingness to get vaccinated and inconsistencies in his travel documents.

With regards to the government’s action to slash the attendance,  Victoria’s Tourism, Sport and Major Events Minister Jaala Pulford said:

“These updates will mean that fans, players and the workforce can look forward to a terrific Covid-safe event in Australia’s event capital,” she said.

“Melbourne Park is the best place on the planet to watch the tennis and thousands of spectators will be able to experience the iconic Australian Open from Monday.”

Ms Pulford also confirmed that necessary ventilation would be provided indoors to prevent the risk of the transmission of the virus. 



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