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“I Want to Stay and Try to Compete”- Novak Djokovic Makes Big Announcement After Winning the Court Case



Novak Djokovic
After his hearing Novak Djokovic went to practice in Melbourne.

Judge Anthony Kelly reinstated Novak Djokovic ‘s visa which was cancelled by the Australian Border Force(ABF)upon his arrival at Melbourne. Novak released a statement after he won the case against his deportation.

Djokovic was fighting deportation and the cancellation of his visa in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, in Canberra. However, a  government lawyer has warned that Australia may yet use ministerial powers to order Djokovic’s removal from the country.

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Even though the Federal Court Judge Anthony Kelly ruled in favour of Novak Djokovic. The ruling will immediately release him from detention but still there are chances of his Australian visa getting cancelled.

“If this man is to be summarily removed upon a personal exercise of cancellation power, he cannot return to this country for three years,” Judge Kelly said.


Novak Djokovic released a statement after his win in court. He has said that he is ‘pleased’ and ‘grateful’.

Novak Djokovic Releases Statement Upon Winning His Case

Novak Djokovic released a statement after his victory in the Australian court on Monday.


He took to Twitter and said, “I’m pleased and grateful that the Judge overturned my visa cancellation. Despite all that has happened, I want to stay and try to compete @AustraliaOpen. I flew here to play at one of the most important events we have in front of the amazing fans. For now I cannot say more but THANK YOU all for standing with me through all this and encouraging me to stay strong.”

The fight over Djokovic’s medical exemption from Covid-19 vaccination may not be over. The Australian government said spokesperson has said that they are still considering another move to deport him.


“Novak is free and just a moment ago he went to the tennis court to practice,” Djokovic’s brother Djordje told in a news conference in Belgrade. “He’s out there to set another record.”

Deportation Still On The Cards For Djokovic

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said he was considering using his broad discretionary powers he is given by Australia’s Migration Act to again revoke Djokovic’s visa.

The controversy surrounding Djokovic and the Australian Federal Government has been closely followed around the world. The controversy started creating diplomatic tensions between Belgrade and Canberra and sparking heated debate over national vaccination rules.

If Djokovic’s visa gets cancelled again by the minister he will not be allowed to enter Australia for three years.