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The Most Pointless Fight- The Only Fighter to Beat Logan Paul Ridicules His Next Fight Against Floyd Mayweather



Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

The greatest boxer of this generation, Floyd Mayweather makes his return to take on YouTube sensation Logan Paul in an exhibition boxing match. The fight takes place on June 6, 2021.

This is an unexpected matchup for the boxing fans as Logan Paul has only one pro fight in his career and he lost that fight by split decision to British YouTuber KSI. On the other hand, Floyd Mayweather has one of the most iconic boxing records with 50 wins and 0 losses.

This fight does not make a whole lot of sense and it’s very likely that Mayweather will toy with Logan Paul before getting a finish. However, millions of fans are going to watch this fight for sure. Now it’ll be insane to say that this fight will break the records of Mayweather- Pacquiao or Mayweather- McGregor. But this will certainly generate good revenue considering the fanbase of both fighters.

Logan Paul’s former rival, KSI, however, is certain that he won’t be buying the PPV to watch this fight. KSI ridiculed Logan Paul’s chances to beat Mayweather. KSI stated:

“This is the most pointless fight of all mankind. I can’t believe that it’s happening. I guess everyone is just trying to get that money. I am not gonna be a clown and pay to watch this. I will just wait online the next day for the result, which will be Mayweather winning. Again this is the most pointless fight.”

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KSI mocks Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather

KSI also laughed at the possibility of Logan getting the win over Floyd Mayweather and said:

 “Like I don’t even know how are they going to promote this. ‘Logan Paul has a chance, yes he lost to KSI, random rapping YouTuber. But trust me all it takes is one punch. And remember Mayweather is so much smaller than KSI and has a smaller reach. Yeah, he may have a 50-0 record, and yeah he might have way more boxing knowledge than KSI. But still, Logan Paul has a chance. He is big, he is white, he has legs, he might knock out Mayweather’.”

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

The Paul brothers have created some serious buzz within the world of boxing. While Jake Paul has gone into a war with the MMA community Logan Paul is taking on one of the greatest boxers of all time. If somehow Logan Paul manages to pull up an upset against Mayweather then surely that will have a big impact on Mayweather’s legacy.