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The Mystery Behind the Dating Life of Stephen Wonderboy Thompson



It won’t be wrong to say that if there was a list of the most desirable guys in the UFC, Stephen Thompson tops that list ten out of ten times. The holder of the Nicest Motherf***** belt, the former welterweight title challenger has already cemented his position as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time.

Ray Thompson

He is a black belt in Tetsushin-ryū Kempo, American Kickboxing and Jujutsu, and trains under the legendary Carlos Machado. Thompson is a former undefeated kickboxer. It won’t be wrong to say that Thompson is just too busy doing what he loves, the art of mixed martial arts, that Wonderboy has remained single and has never shared any details of his relationship with anybody.

Is Stephen Thompson married? 

Stephen Thompson is 38 years old and remains single. What’s more surprising is the fact that over the years, fans have never been able to link the former welterweight title challenger with anybody, with Stephen Thompson maintaining his private affairs outside of the world of mixed martial arts. 

It can be argued that Thompson is probably too busy with his career as a mixed martial artist, and training kids at his father Ray Thompson’s gym Upstate Karate, that he doesn’t have time to get romantically involved with anybody. Thompson is a family man and is very close to his father Ray Thompson.

Has “Wonderboy” ever had a girlfriend?

Even if we assume Stephen Thompson had a girlfriend, it must be said that Wonderboy has done an incredible job of keeping it under wraps. However, there were whispers of Stephen Thompson dating UFC ring girl Red Dela Cruz back in 2016. While nothing has been made official, and neither Thompson nor Red Dela Cruz confirmed the same, the rumor fuelled fire after Thompson’s visit to Asia for a UFC event.

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Red Dela Cruz was the official companion for Stephen Thompson during the tour, and both Thompson and Dela Cruz seemed to hit it off. However, the rumor was short-lived and ended as soon as the tour. The mystery behind Thompson’s dating life remains a mystery, and someone needs definitely needs to ask this question to Wonderboy.

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