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The Net Worth of Andy Murray and His Biggest Sponsorships



Andy Murray

Sir Andy Murray is one of the top names in the tennis department. The player from Britain has been at the top for many years now. He is also the only player in men’s history to have won gold medals in two consecutive Olympics. He did it in the year 2012 and in 2016.

Let us look at the net worth of the British player and who are the sponsors of the former world number 1 player. Here’s everything that you need to know. 

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Andy Murray

The net worth of Andy Murray

As stated, the 34 years od player has a net worth of 165 Million USD. If we take into account the past several years, Andy Murray has made 61 million dollars by playing games on the tennis court. However, injuries have restricted the player from having more time on the tennis court. But we know for sure the caliber that the player possesses. 

The player has also come to support charity work. He donates in Comic Relief, an organization that helps the poor and the needy people in disasters or other stuff. He also supports the foundation of Make-a-wish which aims to support children suffering from illness to fulfill their dreams. 

Also, Andy Murray supports UNICEF for the noble causes that it does. Another organization that he helps is RED, an organization that helps the African people suffering from HIV/ AIDS.


Brand endorsement of the player

The 34 years old star from Britain has earned almost 100 million  USD from brands and sponsors. He has some top sponsors under his belt. Some of the sponsors that he has are: 

  • Jaguar: Andy Murray has been a part of the group since 2016. That year in the Wimbledon, the company was seen promotional activities with Andy Murray.
  • Castore: The British player joined this after parting ways with Under Armour. The company signed a deal with Murray worth 8 million USD.
  • Head: The former world no 1 player has partnered with this company. This company provides him with rackets ever since he was establishing himself as a player. 
  • Rado: The Swiss company partnered with 2 times Olympic gold medalist way back in the year 2012. Since then he can be seen wearing Rado watches.