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“The Team Is Closed, It’s Already Right” – Charles Oliveria Opens Up About His Team

From the kid raised in the Brazilian favelas, to becoming the UFC lightweight champion, Charles Oliveira has certainly come a long way. Charles was once at the lowest point in his career, with lots of losses. But now he has become the champion and one of the most accomplished fighters on the roster.

It is no doubt that being the Lightweight champion, he has phenomenal coaches and a team around him who are improving him every day. Oliveira trusts them wholeheartedly as they have no false foundation. In a recent interview, talking about his team Oliveira talked about his team and their faithful guidance:

“If you do this, you’ll lose. This is not the right way.”

“They already understood my way of training, my way of cutting weight together with Victor, my nutritionist. The team is closed. It’s already right. The Nutritionist talks directly to my coach and everything are ready for me”, Oliveira concluded.


‘Do Bronx’ said that he can totally rely on his coaches and his team and they always push him forward to become the better version of him. He believes that the team is complete and it’s a very close circle.

Oliveira has already proved that he has improved very much as a fighter; he might stay the king for some time now. But it remains to be seen if he can stand and trade with the most vicious lightweight in MMA and successfully defend his title for the second time.

Charles Oliveira is Unshaken by Justin Gaethje’s mental warfare

Justin Gaethje is set to be the next title challenger for Charles Oliveira at UFC 274. However, there have been some interesting developments around this match-up. Recently, Oliveira has claimed that Gaethje is trying to play mental warfare with him.

Charles Oliveira and Justin Gathje
Charles Oliveira vs. Justin Gaethje is set for UFC 274 headliner

“Justin Gaethje is coming up with a lot of bullsh*t,” said Oliveira during a recent interview.

“I think that’s what he’s trying to do, to win the mind game. But that makes no difference to me. I learned that we have two ears to listen but we also have to let it out.”

But the lightweight champion is focused on his next outing and has learned how to deal with mind games. The lightweight champ is confident that he can withstand ‘The Highlight’ in a stand-up match.

Being the most vicious fighter in the lightweight division, it is safe to assume that Gaethje will try to make this a messy fight. Meanwhile, Oliveira has also promised that he will make it a war from the very first round.

Time and again, Oliveira has proved himself against the top contenders in the Octagon. But we’ll have to wait and if he can beat Gaethje in a stand-up fight like he claimed.


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