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“The Worst is Behind Me”- Roger Federer Hopes For a Triumphant Comeback, Won’t Be a Part of Laver Cup 2021



Roger Federer

Roger Federer is one of the greatest players in tennis. A legend in his field, he has achieved almost everything. The 20-time grand slam winner is often considered the “God of Tennis” by many. But recent injuries have restricted the 40-year-old star to play in major tournaments. But now the Swiss star says that he is ready to make a strong comeback to show his dominance to the whole world once again.

Let us look at what he has to say about his potential return to the tennis court.

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Will Roger Federer compete in the Laver Cup?

The Swiss star was out after the Wimbledon 2021 and since then, we have not been able to see him make a return to the court. As a result, he had to withdraw his name from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well. Though there were speculations about him marking a comeback at the US Open those were all shut down by the star himself as he announced that he is not feeling “100%” to make a comeback. 

Also, Roger Federer will not be able to participate in the upcoming Laver Cup 2021. But the star recently spoke about his injury and said that he is all set to mark a strong return as soon as possible. “The worst is behind me. I’m looking forward to everything that happens to me coming.” said the star. “When you come back from an injury, every day is a better day. So it is an exciting time.” 

Roger Federer on being asked about not being able to play in the Laver Cup this year said “It hurts me a lot”. “I knew that at some point in time I will not be able to be there but I did not know that this would be the year,” mentioned Roger. 


When is Federer expected to make a comeback?

On being asked about a possible comeback, JesusFed said that he has shifted his attention to 2022. He said that he will try to get back to form before the 2022 tournament which is supposed to take place in London. “One of my goals is to really get myself into it again to come back and hopefully play in places like the O2 Arena in London.” 

That being said, The king of the grass-court will try to be back before the Australian Open to challenge for his career’s 21st Grand Slam.