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“These Are Trash” – Kyrie Irving Slams Nike, Says He Has Nothing to Do With the Design and Marketing of Upcoming Kyrie8 Sneakers



Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is one of the most talented point guards in the NBA. The star plays for the Brooklyn Nets and is known for all his swift handles that get him out of hardcore defense situations. Kyrie Irving finished his 2021 post-season with 22.7 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 3.4 assists per game. The point guard is also someone who does not hold back from voicing out his views and feelings. It does not matter if it’s on-court or about a social matter. He recently voiced out his opinion about his new signature shoe. Judging from his tone, he was surely angry about it.

Kyrie Irving Lashes out on Nike calling the Kyrie8 trash

Kyrie Iring is a certified Nike athlete. The Brooklyn Nets point guard makes $11 Million a year only from being a Nike representative.  Sneakerheads and Hoopers love Kyrie’s signature shoes. According to sources, The top five Kyrie Irving shoes have been the Kyrie 4, Kyrie low 2, Kyrie 5, Kyrie 2, and the Kyrie 1. The shoe line is suitable for point guards due to the stability it provides to the ankles when someone is making flashy quick moves. Sneakerheads on the other hand love the shoes for the colorway and the look.


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This year, a leaked image of the new Kyrie 8 had surfaced online. Kyrie absolutely hated the design and the marketing done for the shoe and did not hold back from throwing a few shots at Nike.

I have nothing to do with the design or marketing of the upcoming Kyrie 8, IMO these are trash, I have absolutely nothing to do with them! Nike plans to release it without my okay regardless of what I say, so I apologize in advance to all of my sneakerheads and true supporters of the #KAI11 brand.

Hopefully, Kyrie Irving will make Nike change something about the shoe.  The Kyrie8 does not really stand up to the competitors. Kyrie has all the right to be angry about the way the shoe has come out.

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