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They Are Gross Human Beings- Ben Askren Reacts to J’Leon Love Insulting Tyron Woodley



Ben Askren

Jake Paul’s trainer, J’Leon Love has been getting a ton of heat from the MMA fans for his altercation with Tyron Woodley. Leon Love passed insulting comments towards the former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley while he was in Jake paul’s locker room to inspect his gloves. Ben Askren issues a statement on this in a recent interview with ESPN.

Ben Askren gave his honest thoughts about the entourage of Jake Paul and said:

“I actually don’t dislike Jake, I am indifferent. Just whatever, Jake is Jake. But his cheerleading squads are gross. They are gross human beings. The fact that Jake pays them to be his groupies is like what are you doing in your life as men that this is your job. He can have a coach and a training partner. That’s cool. Those are respectable professions. But some of these men who are his cheerleading squad are gross that that’s what you decided to do for a living.”

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Ben Askren ridicules Jake Paul’s entourage member

Ben Askren also detailed an altercation with one of the members of Jake Paul’s entourage in his locker room. Askren recalled:

“And there is one specific individual I am not going to say his name, but he is just like a gross individual. he is a pathetic human being. And he was in my locker room to watch me get my hands wrapped. First I tried to ignore him and he would not shut up. Then I said what is your job title and what do you do? ‘I do everything’. I said no no specific, I am really asking you, are you a coach are you a nutritionist. he did not have a job title for me. he is a f****G cheerleader. “

Ben Askren

Ben Askren believes that Jaul should fight Tyron Woodley next. This fight does make sense considering the beef between Tyron Woodley and Paul’s trainer, J’Leon Love. However, it’s very unlikely that Jake Paul is going to take on a multi-time UFC champion so early into his career.

A fight between Jake Paul and Tyson Fury’s brother, Tommy Fury seems the most logical fight to make next. Tommy Fury just as Jake Paul is getting started with his boxing career and a fight between the two would certainly prove to the world whether Paul is a legit boxer.