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“They Are Not Worth Shit” – Nate Diaz Trashes Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns



Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz trashed current welterweight champion Kamaru Usman and title contender Gilbert Burns, following which Kamaru Usman hit back at Diaz. Initially scheduled to face Jorge Masvidal, Kamaru Usman is set to take on Gilbert Burns in his second title defense at UFC. After increasing differences between Jorge Masvidal and UFC over negotiations for the title fight, Masvidal came out on twitter blaming the company for not giving him the price he deserves. Masvidal went a step ahead at targeting UFC’s business model, and claimed that fighters get settled for lesser pay. Just last week, Masvidal said that UFC is trying to play with him, and threatened to leave UFC. Recently, Jon Jones vacated his light-heavyweight title amid negotiation disputes with UFC, and slammed the organisation for unjust pay to the fighters.

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Nate Diaz has always been vocal about fighters pay, and Dana White has himself mentioned it that the Diaz brothers are the hardest to negotiate with. Soon after White’s comments that he is least bothered about what Masvidal and Jones have to say, White announced that Gilbert Burns is next in line for the title belt.

Nate Diaz hits back at Gilbert Burns for accepting the fight against Kamaru Usman

Soon after Dana White announced that Kamaru Usman will take on Gilbert Burns in his second title defense, Diaz took to twitter to hit back at both the fighters.

This is what’s wrong with people claiming they’re fighters settling for less cause they know they’re not worth shit you should’ve fought the next guy in line not the guy who would take less cause he’s told too that’s why no one will remember you guys This isn’t a title fight” Diaz said.

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Diaz said how Kamaru Usman should not have accepted Gilbert Burns, and should have insisted on fighting Jorge Mavsidal. Nate Diaz also claimed that Kamaru Usman thinks he is not worth it, and agreed to fight against Gilbert Burns because he settled for the price UFC offered him.