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“This Guy Ain’t It” – Jorge Masvidal Says “BMF” Belt Won’t Be On the Line at UFC 261

The biggest question for many fight fans is whether or not Jorge Masvidal will put his “BMF” belt on the line as he steps inside the Octagon against a seasoned fighter in the form of Kamaru Usman for the UFC’s welterweight championship. The winner of the symbolic “BMF” belt was present alongside Usman in the press conference ahead of hugely awaited UFC 261. When Masvidal was asked whether or not the “BMF” belt is on the line, here’s what Gamebred had to say.

“You got to be a “BMF” to compete for that belt and this dude ain’t it.”

Meanwhile, Usman reacted and ignore the response, pointing towards his UFC championship. “What belt? There are three shiny belts here, this is what’s more important.” Usman said.

The beef between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal has escalated in the last year to a level where it does look like it has gotten personal between both the fighter. Earlier, Masvidal had called out Usman for bringing religion into the feud, after the Nigerian Nightmare promised to put him in the “coffin” mocking his nickname, “The Street Jesus.”

The press conference went down as everybody expected, and there were several heated moments between the fighters that got the fans’ attention.

Can Jorge Masvidal beat Kamaru Usman?

Masvidal performed well in the last fight for someone who had just taken the fight on six days’ notice. Going against someone as dangerous as Kamaru Usman, Masvidal was able to survive the five rounds, losing to the African fighter via unanimous decision.

Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal was able to defend the takedowns, and while Usman was eventually able to dominate Gamebred on the ground, it wasn’t the beating and domination that we have seen Usman secure against other fighters.

With more time in the camp, Masvidal looks confident of dethroning Kamaru Usman from the welterweight throne, and it will be exciting to see both these fighters settle their rivalry inside the Octagon this weekend inside VyStar Memorial in Florida in front of more than 15,000 fans for the first time since the pandemic.

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