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“This Is Not Over” – Conor Mcgregor Vows to Return After Horrific Leg Injury at UFC 264



Conor McGrgeor leaves on stretcher

Fans around the globe were highly anticipated to watch the trilogy fight between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor. Everyone had high expectations and many celebrities attended UFC 264 to witness this epic war but the trilogy fight ended in a very anti-climatic fashion.  

This is because Poirier won the fight via Doctor’s stoppage after the end of the first round as McGregor suffered a horrible leg injury at the end of the first round. Getting into the details of the fight, The tempo of the fight was very high and The Notorious started the fight aggressively attacking Poirier’s legs.

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Furthermore, the Irishman landed some good shots and rocked The Diamond with one of his punches. However, Dustin Poirier managed to survive an initial couple of minutes, and thereafter it was just the former interim champion controlling the fight. He landed a takedown and hit McGregor with his vicious elbows.

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The former Lightweight Champion managed to get up in the final seconds of the first round. But unfortunately, the Irishman twisted his leg during an exchange with Dustin and fell to the ground. After the round referee Herb Dean and the medical staff gathered near McGregor and had a small discussion. McGregor was yelling “Doctor’s Stoppage” repeatedly after the fight.

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Conor McGregor comments after his unfortunate loss against Dustin Poirier in the trilogy fight

There was one person who was more disappointed with the result than the entire Las Vegas crowd and he is none other than Conor McGregor. After his unfortunate loss, Joe Rogan went to The Irishman and asked his opinion regarding the fight. McGregor expressed his emotions and commented, “I was boxing the blatant head out of him and kicking the blatant leg off him.”

Conor McGrgeor leaves on stretcher

The Notorious also believes that his rivalry with Dustin Poirier is not done yet. He commented “This is not over” and “I Don’t give a Bollocks.” Conor McGregor also responded to Dustin’s statements by commenting “There was no check, there was not one of them that checked.” 


At the end of the interview, he took shots at Dustin Poirier by stating “your wife” is in my DM’s and also told Jolie Poirier that “You’re looking like a bitch, you hoe.” Therefore the much-awaited fight ended unexpectedly and disappointed fight fans all across the world. Hopefully, McGregor didn’t suffer a career-ending injury, and let’s see what’s next for the Irishman.

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