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“This Moment is So Special to Me” – Logan Paul Drops to Tears in the Dressing Room After Floyd Mayweather Bout



The overhyped boxing bout between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul came to an end. The fight ended in a draw, since no judges were present one could have only won by knocking the opponent out.  However, it’s still an achievement for Logan to sustain 8 rounds in front of the legendary boxer without getting knocked out. Which most fight fans predicted and expected. Considering the bout as one of the greatest moments in his life, the Maverick expressed that he is happy and he was able to survive against the Money only in the second fight of his career. 

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Just after the fight, Paul broke down in the dressing room. “I have the best team in the world. If you have contributed to me in any way, thank you,” Paul mumbled in an emotional tone. He thanked his fans and team for believing and supporting him. 

“This moment is so special to me I don’t know where to go from here. But, I know it’s gonna be way up and I could not have thought about it you all. So thank you”.  Certainly, Paul indicated that he is going to fight more. 

Logan Paul to fight in MMA

He trained for a long time to get into this fight. After the fight, he has moderately displayed to the fight fans that he has some potential in him. Paul confessed, just walking in the ring was an amazing experience and not getting knocked out by the best of all in a long eight rounds run, as many speculated he would, was especially rewarding.

Logan got criticized for the amount of grabbing he did in his with Floyd Mayweather, the blunt YouTuber didn’t pause at all when asked if he thought he can do that on the octagon.

“I was grabbing him, yeah,” Paul expressed, “I’d do MMA, for sure, because I am a good grappler. You know, I’m a wrestler at heart.”  the Maverick was assertive of getting into an octagon.

It is to be mentioned that Logan has a history of wrestling at Ohio in his high school. The the26-year-old is definitely more than an online influencer. 

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