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Who Won the Gold Medal in Men’s Singles Tennis at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?



Zverev wins Olympic gold

Tennis here at Tokyo Olympics saw its final day and we witnessed action-packed matches for one last time here at the Ariake Tennis Park. Players steppes into the Centre court for one final time to be crowned as the champions of the Olympics. It was Alexander Zverev taking on Karen Khachanov for the finals of the men’s gold medal place. Who won the match? Let’s find out.

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Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev v/s Karen Khachanov

We witnessed Germany’s Alexander Zverev and Russia’s Karen Khachanov in action to win the gold medal. The match was pretty much one-sided from the starting as Zverev dominated the match throughout. In the end, the final scoreline of the match read 6-3, 6-1 in favor of the German superstar. 

This win is the most important in his career so far. The world no 4. player played some extraordinary match here at the Ariake Tennis park. 

Let us have a look at the statistics post the final match.

Match Statistics
ZVEREV Alexander
Total aces63
Double faults01
Service winners00
1st serve31/45(69%)39/63(62%)
Aces on 1st serve63
Points won on 1st serve26/3122/39
2nd Serve14/14(100%)23/24(96%)
Aces on 2nd serve00
Points won on 2nd serve8/1410/23
Total Points Won6543
Receiving points won31/63(49%)11/45(24%)
Breakpoints conversions4/8(50%)0/1(0%)
Forehand winners93
Backhand winners71
Forced errors2127
Unforced errors1511
Net points won12/14(86%)4/8(50%)


Zverev won a total of 65 points while his Russian counterpart only won 43. He also had a 49% receiving points winning percentage. He was dominating the match and did not give his opponent any chance whatsoever of a comeback. 

The match merely ended in an hour and twenty minutes. This match was headed on by Great Britain’s Alison Hughes. With this victory, he brought Germany’s second gold medal in Tennis history after Steffi Graff won it in 1988.


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