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Tokyo Olympics: Could Officiating be the Reason Behind Team USA Losing in Olympics



Team USA

Team USA kickstarted their exhibition game against Nigeria. From the experienced players like Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard to the young guns like Jayson Tatum and Zach Lavine. This USA team looks close to unstoppable on paper. However, things are not exactly going good for the USA. The team suffered losses in their first two exhibition games. The players are also frustrated with the referees for not calling fouls.

Team USA Lose To Nigeria And Australia

In the pre-Olympic exhibition game, Nigeria went up against the USA. The last time these two teams played each other, Nigeria suffered an 83 point loss to the USA. However this year the story ended on a different note. team Nigeria handed USA their first-ever loss to an African nation. USA suffered a major setback. They had not lost a game in three straight Olympics.

Team USA thought they’d be back on track in the second game. However, it all went downhill once again. USA suffered their second loss against Australia.

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NBA Stars Upset With The Lack Of Calls 

The FIBA referees are very different from the ones in the NBA. The way players draw fouls in the NBA isn’t working in the pre-Olympic games. Chris Haynes spoke about the incident and said,

Multiple Players, from Jayson Tatum to Bradley Beal have been staring down the officials following no-calls as they’re accustomed to receiving touch fouls or star-treatment officiating in the NBA

Haynes pointed out the incident. Jayson Tatum committed an offensive foul. The young star tried to use his right hand to create a separation from his defender. Normally in the NBA Tatum would have probably gone to the line but in this case? it was not going to work. USA was not about to get any special treatment just because they were superstars from a prestigious league. The FIBA rules have to be implemented in the NBA according to Jared Dudley.

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