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Tyron Woodley Reveals the Biggest Mistake Jake Paul Is Doing During His Training Camp for Their Boxing Fight



Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul

We are days away from the much-anticipated clash between the former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley and YouTuber turned pro boxer, Jake Paul.

Though both Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul have been claiming that they are not under immense pressure ahead of their boxing match both fighters have a lot to lose on August 29.

If Tyron Woodley loses to Jake Paul then it won’t be a good look for the former UFC champion who is considered one of the greatest welterweights of all time. On the other hand, if Jake Paul loses his next fight then he will lose all the hype behind him.

Going into the fight, fans have speculated that Woodley’s experience will be a key factor in the fight. While Tyron Woodley has been competing in the MMA cage against elite opponents for over a decade, Jake Paul has only been in the game for a few years. And it seems the experience also played a huge factor during the promotion of this fight as well.

Colby Covington on Jake Paul (Left) and Tyron Woodley (Right)

Tyron Woodley warns Jake Paul about investing too much energy into media and promotion

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, The Chosen One said that Jake Paul is too distracted with the fight promotion and it might cost him on August 29th when they get into the boxing ring.

Woodley recalled how he paid a heavy price for being way too involved in the fight promotion leading upto his fight against Rory McDonald and said:

“I remember when I was fighting Rory McDonald in Vancouver, it was his hometown and I was doing all the embedded, all the videos, all the promos, I had all these crazy sponsors. And I spent so much time and energy(for promotion). And he wouldn’t do any interviews, he wouldn’t let anybody into his hotel room, he was locked in and he was focused. And even when the news came that actually, this fight was not the number one contender’s fight anymore he still remained focused. That reminds me of the younger version of Tyron Woodley with what Jake Paul is doing.”

All the down the road, looking at other fighters, setting up the theories the fight on this card and if and it was about it, and doing all the additional media and the additional bulls**t, I’m just gonna sit there and smile. Cause I did it once.

Though it will be hard to deny Woodley’s claims it also should be considered that coming from the YouTube world, Jake Paul is very familiar with the promotion aspect of a fight. But whether it plays a factor in the outcome of his fight against Woodley, the fans will have to wait to find that out.