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Tyron Woodley Reveals Why He Didn’t Knock Out J’Leon Love in Jake Paul’s Locker Room During the Altercation

The Jake Paul vs Ben Askren fight has given birth to a new rivalry between Jake Paul and a UFC fighter. This time it’s the former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley.

The MMA world was fuming with anger after Jake Paul’s trainer, J’Leon Love insulted Tyron Woodley in Jake Paul’s locker room. J’Leon Love is a former boxer who is inactive at the moment after two consecutive losses. The majority of the MMA fans believed that Tyron Woodley would have destroyed J’Leon Love had he engaged in a fistfight during that altercation. But, there is a reason why Woodley kept his calm.

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Tyron Woodley opened up about his heated altercation with J’Leon Love and stated that his mom Deborah Woodley asked him to keep his calm during the entire event. She felt that it was the time for Ben Askren to shine and anything Woodley does will take the attention away from Ben Askren. Tyron Woodley stated:

“My mom just told me to take a chill pill but in my mind, he is already knocked out. I am already looking at his face, I am already looking at him after I punch him, I am already thinking about just throwing everything in my body through his face. “

“Then I started thinking what did your mom say, let Ben make his payday. This ain’t your show, this ain’t about you. if you have ever seen me since Eve Edwards day you’ll never see me on camera. I have my moments, I had my time, that was Ben’s time.”

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Tyron Woodley trashes J’Leon Love

Tyron Woodly criticized J’Leon Love for the unwarranted altercation before the fight and called his act a pathetic attempt to get a payday. Woodley said:

“He’s trying to boost himself and trying to make a confrontation like we know a sports press conference and so he can build a reason for me and him to fight because he is a fighter that is probably out of the boxing arena and he has probably seen an opportunity in the show of boxing thing to make some quick money and want to try to utilize me my name my affiliation. And it’s really kind of pathetic.”

Ben Askren

Tyron Woodley has called out Jake Paul to a boxing match. He has also called out J’Leon Love for a MMA fight where he aims to punish him. Now it will be intriguing to see whether Jake Paul and J’Leon Love will accept the fight.

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