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Who is Tyron Woodley’s Wife Avery Woodley?



Tyron Woodley and Averi Woodley

The popularity of Tyron Woodley seems to be on the rise, with fans around the world trying to know more about the fighter, even diving into their personal lives. Tyron Woodley’s marital status has been a point that continues to be taken advantage of by his opponent Jake Paul during trash-talk. Needless to say, his recent alleged misconduct with Tyron Woodley’s mother has further ignited the rivalry. 


Many fans are taking to the internet to find out more about Tyron Woodley’s personal life. Here’s everything you need to know about Tyron Woodley’s ex-wife Averi Woodley and their kids.

Is Tyron Woodley married?

Tyron Woodley is married to Avery Woodley and the couple has four kids between them. Tyron Woodley and Avery Woodley dated for quite some time before marrying each other. They have three sons, Daylon; Daron; Tyrin Jr, and a daughter called Gabby.


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Tyron Woodley is quite active on social media and shares details of his personal life with fans around the world. Woodley has time and again expressed his love for his family on his social media platforms. 


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According to Averi’s Instagram handle, she is a mentor and a wellness coach. Averi also refers herself to as the “best ex-wife,” igniting rumors of splitting with Tyron Woodley. While neither Averi nor Tyron have publically accepted that they have parted ways, it was reported that the couple are no longer living with each other.

Tyron Woodley’s family and kids

It won’t be wrong to say that Mamma Woodley is as popular as Tyron Woodley. The former UFC’s welterweight champion’s mother Deborah Woodley is a delight.


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Often shot by the media during her interactions with other fighters, Deborah Woodley is a fan favorite and one of the kindest people you’ll know. Tyron Woodley’s father is Sylvester Woodley. Not much is known about him, and Tyron shares very little about his family during media interactions. 

Tyron Woodley

Tyron Woodley does however show love on social media, often sharing his time with his lovely kids Daylon, Daron, Tyrin Jr, and daughter Gabby. Woodley is a family man and wants to make his kids proud.


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Ahead of the Jake Paul boxing bout, in what is arguably the biggest fight of his life outside of the UFC, Tyron Woodley has the chance to seemingly avenge his recent row of losses inside the UFC Octagon with a win over Jake Paul.