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WATCH: The Exact Moment Jan Blachowicz Broke Dominick Reyes’ Nose

Dominick Reyes took on Jan Blachowicz in a light heavyweight showdown at UFC 253. The UFC light heavyweight division was going to get a new champion after Jon Jones‘ exit from the division.

This was an intense fight. Both fighters are two of the scariest punchers in the division. But, Dominick Reyes was up for a rude awakening at UFC 253 as Blachowicz brutally finishes Dominick Reyes.

Dominick Reyes did not necessarily come up with a wrong gameplan. But it was not his day. And Jan Blachowicz looked like a better fighter. He was landing the bigger shots and he was landing often.

He landed more strikes than Reyes in the first round. One of his body kick left a very notable mark on the rib of Reyes, which was very weird to see.

After the first round, Reyes did not look as fluent as he was against Jon Jones. Stylistically Jan was not a good fight for Reyes. But, Reyes did come back with a couple of good combinations and he was starting to get into his rhythm.

However, Jan Blachowicz threw a vicious jab-hook-jab that dislocated the nose of Dominick Reyes. Reyes did not back down and tried to gave his all since he knew that the fight could have been over any minute.

Reyes went full steam ahead and went for the finish. But, he did not land anything clean. Blachowicz has a great chin and he outboxed Reyes as well. In the end, Blachowicz caught Reyes with the legendary polish power.

Did Dominick Reyes suffer an injury during the training camp?

With that, Jan Blachowicz became the second Polish fighter to hold the undisputed UFC title. This does make things a little complicated in the light heavyweight division.

Dominick Reyes

Dominick Reyes arguably beat the greatest of all time, Jon Jones in his last fight. But, Jan Blachowicz dominated him and secured a brutal finish. Luke Rockhold, who is way out of his prime, had more success than the guy who arguably beat Jon Jones. Did anything go wrong in the training camp of Reyes? Or this fight just reminded us that styles indeed make fights. After all, we can’t really claim that Jan Blachowicz is going to have an easy night with Jon Jones after the win over Dominick Reyes.

Nevertheless, it’s a new start for the light heavyweight division. And it’s a new journey for the 37 years old Polish mixed martial artist, Jan Blachowicz.

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