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“Do You Lift Bro?”- Stipe Miocic Breaks the Internet With His New Workout Routine

The greatest heavyweight champion in UFC history, Stipe Miocic takes on Francis Ngannou in a long-anticipated rematch. The UFC heavyweight title will be on the line as the two heavyweight elites will go toe to toe at UFC 260.

The stake will be at its highest when Miocic enters the octagon on this occasion. If Miocic beats Ngannou in the rematch then he will move forward to take on Jon Jones and have an opportunity to earn the GOAt status.

However, a loss might be devastating for Stipe Miocic. There is no doubt that Miocic is the superior fighter in this matchup. However, as unfair as it may sound, if Ngannou lands clean then Miocic will be in huge trouble.

The pressure that comes along with a fight as big as this one might a lot to deal with for any other fight but not Stipe Miocic. The heavyweight GOAT looks confident going into UFC 260. And it seems he is having a lot of fun while he is at it as well.

In the latest episode of UFC Embedded, Miocic gave a sneak peek into his life as a firefighter, as a husband, and as the UFC heavyweight champion. In the first Embedded episode for UFC 260, Miocic did a few things that left the internet laughing and made the fans love him even more.

And among those moments, Miocic pretending to be a bodybuilder and screaming “Do you lift bro” certainly stands out. Even Miocic’s strength and conditioning coach, Bobby Kaleal ends up chuckling after Miocic’s fool around in the gym.

Stipe Miocic is in the best shape of his career ahead of UFC 260

Since the first encounter with Francis Ngannou, Stipe Miocic has only fought one opponent and that is Daniel Cormier. Miocic and Cormier fought each other three times. And it’s hard to ignore the improvements Miocic has shown over the course of three fights with DC.

Miocic vs Ngannou 2

Stipe Miocic went from getting dominated by DC in wrestling to outwrestling DC in the trilogy. Miocic also improved his cardio, clinch game, and boxing throughout the trilogy. In the last fight with DC, Miocic looked the leanest he has ever looked in his career and he still had the power to cause some serious damage.

Miocic will be faster, more durable compared to Ngannou in the rematch. Stipe’s wrestling and grappling prowess will certainly be a trouble for Ngannou despite the big KO power the Nigerian fighter possesses.



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