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UFC 263, Israel Adesanya vs Marvin Vettori: Stats, Prediction and Breakdown



Israel Adesanya vs Marvin Vettori

UFC 263 features the middleweight title fight of Israel Adesanya vs Marvin Vettori. The first fight between the two was one of the very few split decision wins in Adesanya’s career.

Marvin Vettori still believes he won the first fight and he will be aiming to become the first Italian to win the prestigious UFC title. On the other hand, Israel Adesanya will be looking to bounce back from his loss against Jan Blachowicz and put an end to the rivalry with Marvin Vettori at UFC 263.

So who will take the middleweight championship home after UFC 263? Will it be Israel Adesanya? or will Marvin Vettori end the middleweight reign of The Last Stylebender? Let’s break this fight down.

Israel Adesanya vs Marvin Vettori stats:

Israel Adesanya

Wins/losses- 20/1 ( 0 losses at middleweight divison)
Height/Reach- 6’4/ 80 inches
Striking accuracy- 49%
takedown defense- 82%
Significant wins- Robert Whittaker, Yoel Romero, Paulo Costa, Derek Brunson, Marvin Vettori

Marvin Vettori

Wins/losses- 17/4 (4 decision losses)
Height/Reach- 6 ft/ 74 inches
Striking accuracy- 44%
Takedown accuracy- 53%
Significant wins- Jack Hermansson, Kevin Holland, Karl Roberson


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Israel Adesanya vs Marvin Vettori Fight Breakdown

The first encounter between Izzy and Vettori was a close affair. However, Adesanya comfortably won the first two rounds and it was Vettori who won the final round. Now at UFC 263, it will be a 5 round fight. And cardio will be a huge factor in this fight if it goes to the championship rounds.

In the first fight, Vettori did not have great cardio and he slowed down as the fight progressed. On the other hand, we can’t question Adesanya’s cardio in a 5 round fight. But, Vettori has improved a lot since the first fight. His fight against Jack Hermansson was a high-paced battle and Vettori was swinging for the fences even in the fifth round.

Though Vettori dominated Kevin Holland and made the record for highest takedowns in a middleweight fight he won’t be able to do the same against Adesanya.

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Israel Adesanya will comfortably defend Vettori’s takedowns early in the fight. Despite that, Marvin Vettori must take his chances early in the fight and try to get the fight to the ground. But, fans can expect to see a striking battle between the two for the majority of the first three rounds.

Adesanya’s takedown defense has improved immensely and his performance against Jan Blachowicz can not be a sign that the middleweights can takedown Adesanya as well. Derek Brunson who is one of the best wrestlers in the division tried his absolute best and yet could not take down and inflict damage on Adesanya.

And when it comes to striking Adesanya will have a huge advantage over Vettori. The boxing skills of Marvin Vettori are effective but Adesanya’s distance management and accuracy will trouble Vettori a lot. The Italian was even having trouble with Kevin Holland on the feet. So we can expect Vettori to struggle a lot against Adesanya on the feet.

The chances of Marvin Vettori winning the fight is very slim. And he has to do everything perfectly to beat Adesanya at UFC 263. He will have to precisely time his takedown and faint a lot. Vettori will have to mix his wrestling with his striking and get the fight to the ground. But, even then Adesanya is difficult to hold down and he will try his best to get back up.

UFC middleweight division has some good wrestlers but it does not have a grappling specialist who can hold Adesanya down after a takedown.

The rematch will be much different than the first fight. Though it might be close early on Adesanya will inflict a lot more damage than Vettori in the fight and eventually finish the fight via TKO.

Israel Adesanya vs Marvin Vettori prediction: Israel Adesanya via TKO


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