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“That Wasn’t Even The Gameplan”- Dustin Poirier Makes a Shocking Revelation About His Gameplan For Conor McGregor Trilogy



Dustin Poirier

Dustin Poirier is ready to fight Conor Mcgregor at UFC 264 for the third time. With each passing day, the excitement and anticipation are increasing. Poirier gave McGregor his first KO at UFC257. But, the fight wasn’t in Dustin’s favor at the start. It all started tilting towards him when Poirier started landing those calf kicks on Conor. The whole MMA world appreciated the approach and planning behind it. However, Diamond has recently revealed that nothing of it wasn’t at all planned.

Dustin Poirier reveals he is not worried about the calf kicks at all

Recently the UFC youtube channel released the 3rd episode of UFC 264 embedded. The vlog is about the fighters practicing ahead of their bouts at UFC 264. Now, In the vlog, Dustin was hanging out with his teammate and fellow UFC welterweight fighter Jorge Masvidal. Poirier was discussing about his press conferences with Jorge.  Then the Diamond says that they asked “If he starts checking leg kicks what’s your new plan gonna be?”. To answer the same question, Dustin revealed ” like bro that wasn’t even the game plan. I just kicked and it worked and I kicked it again ”

According to Dustin, kicking McGregor wasn’t his plan at UFC 257. He kicked him just to check. The second it started working against Conor, he was sharp enough to kick him over and over again until the Notorious was hurt badly enough to not walk. After Dustin’s comment, even Masvidal mocked McGregor and said ” We hear Conor is in great shape”

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For Conor, receiving those calf kicks was deadly. It was new to him and he couldn’t counter it. A short time ago a video of  McGregor practicing leg kicks at his fight camp ahead of this trilogy bout went viral over the internet. So, many MMA analysts and fight fans were concerned that if Conor starts to check Porier’s leg kicks, what will he do?

Well, now it seems like Dustin isn’t worried about the leg kicks at all. However, he might have something else up his sleeve which Conor should be worrying about instead.