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“You Can’t Do That”- Tyson Fury Warns Conor McGregor Ahead of His UFC Return Against Dustin Poirier



Conor McGregor Proper Twelve

After the knockout victory against Conor McGregor at UFC 257, Dustin Poirier will now face Mcgregor again in a trilogy bout at UFC 264. The Diamond has turned down a title shot to fight Conor. Though Poirier won the rematch many fans believe that Conor will win the trilogy, which makes this a must-watch fight.

The current WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury gave his honest opinion on McGregor vs Poirier 3 and he thinks Conor will win this fight. In an interview with Michael Bisping on BT sports, he commented that “It’s Conor McGregor’s final roll on the dice if he loses this one, its curtains . I think he wins this fight, I think he wins in style to be fair“. 

For Conor, this fight has a lot of value. If McGregor loses he will be out of the lightweight title race completely and his brand value will certainly get hurt. Fury has a lot of confidence in him. However, the Gypsy King mentions that McGregor can’t repeat the same mistakes he did last time. Tyson believes Conor is unpredictable.

What does Tyson fury think that Conor Mcgregor needs to change 

He went on saying ” With Conor, you never know what he has been doing you never know like, what he has been up to in training camps and all of that.  He lives like a rockstar when he like a week away from his fight, you can’t do that “. Tyson also explains how he does things differently before fighting someone. He states that it’s important to eat and drink healthy, train hard, and most importantly be organized. Currently, Conor is training in his camp in Dubai.

On the other hand, if Dustin loses he won’t get the title shot which he turned had down earlier. Both the fighters have one win in this saga. But, this fight going to give them the bragging rights. Poirier has improved a lot since UFC 145 when he first met Conor McGregor. So stakes are high for this much-anticipated trilogy. Though Dustin is the favorite here, it will still be hard to disagree with Tyson. Conor has that X factor in him, even in their recent fight Conor was going excellent until Dustin starting landing kicks on his lead leg.  


It will be amazing to see if Conor can bounce back from his recent KO or it will be Dustin who will win it over again.