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Henry Cejudo Learns the Most Devastating Combo in Boxing From Mike Tyson



Henry Cejudo

Arguably the greatest combat sports athlete of all time, Henry Cejudo announced his retirement from mixed martial arts after a dominating victory over former bantamweight champion, Dominick Cruz at UFC 249.

The MMA world was shocked by Cejudo’s retirement and called it a move to get a better contract initially. However, Cejudo has assured that he is not coming back to the octagon unless he gets a shot at that featherweight title against Alexander Volkanovski.

Volkanovski and Cejudo have traded jabs over social media ahead of Cejudo’s fight with Dominick Cruz. It seemed Volkanovski was open to putting his title on the line for a showdown with the Olympic gold medalist. However, that is not the only fight that will bring Henry Cejudo back into the combat sport.

Ryan Garcia reveals why Henry Cejudo wants to fight him

Henry Cejudo is aiming to do his boxing debut against boxing’s prodigy, Ryan Garcia. Both of them have traded verbal jabs over social media and Cejudo has claimed that his team is trying to negotiate a deal with Garcia’s management team. Henry Cejudo is looking to follow the footsteps of the former two-division champion, Conor McGregor to jump over to the boxing world. And it seems he is in the good company ahead of this big step as he has been seen training with the legend, Mike Tyson.

Henry Cejudo drops bombs with Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson himself is looking to make a comeback to boxing for a charity match and has been training for a meaningful period. He was also seen in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) Dynamite show along with Henry Cejudo. And it seems the duo is training together ahead of their boxing ventures.

In a recent video, Mike Tyson was seen teaching his signature left hook to the body to Henry Cejudo. Though it seemed Cejudo was having a hard time learning one of the most iconic moves in boxing he did throw a combo that caught the attention of Tyson.

If Cejudo does get into the boxing ring to fight Ryan Garcia in an iconic showdown it is not going to be an easy road for the CCC. However, Cejudo has conquered two of the most difficult sports in the world. So how could someone count out Cejudo if he steps into the boxing ring?