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“Not Even One Second”- Valentina Shevchenko Says She Will Destroy Jake Paul in a Fight



Valentina Shevchenko warns Jake Paul

One of the biggest things in the world of combat sports at the moment has to be the rivalry between Jake Paul and the MMA community.

So far, Jake jake paul merch has fought two former UFC fighters in Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. While the Problem Child secured a TKO victory over Askren he secured a comfortable decision win against Woodley.

Since the beginning of the rivalry, a lot of UFC fighters have offered to step into the boxing ring with The Problem Child including the likes of Mike Perry, Kamaru Usman, Anderson Silva, and Vitor Belfort.

During the UFC 266 Press conference, UFC women flyweight champion, Valentina Shevchenko was asked how would a fight between the Paul brothers and the Shevchenko sisters would play out. To which, Shevchenko responded with a bold and hilarious statement.

The flyweight champion claimed that the Shevchenko sisters would destroy Jake Paul and Logan Paul in no time. “Zero seconds, not even one second”

Jake Paul is not scared of any UFC fighters

Jake Paul has been very vocal about his rivalry with the MMA fighters. He believes that he can beat any UFC fighters inside the boxing ring. And so far, he has not been proven wrong.

Now it’s true that he has fought Ben Askren, who was never known for his striking, and Tyron Woodley, who was way out of his prime. But, credit must be given to Jake Paul for taking on MMA world champions with only a few fights into his boxing career.

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Jake Paul gave his honest thoughts on all the MMA fighters calling hm out and said:

“I’m going back-to-back-to-back on these bitch ass MMA fighters. Line them up, I will take all of them down. You guys cannot box. I outboxed a five-time UFC f—ng champion. Vitor Belfort didn’t even get close to winning that many championships. You guys cannot box for shit. There was not one moment in the fight where Tyron was outboxing me. Not one.”

“I just took out one of your best fighters, Hall-of-Fame of all-time, and shit all over him. On a bad night with a hyperextended elbow. So f—k all of you.”

Who do you think Jake Paul should fight next if he is to fight another MMA fighter? Should it be Anderson Silva or should it be Vitor Belfort?