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“This Dude is Like Superman”- Ryan Garcia Gives Surprise Prediction For Francis Ngannou vs Deontay Wilder



Francis Ngannou

The scariest puncher in MMA against the scariest puncher in boxing, who would not be interested to witness this mega-fight? Fans love to argue about who is better. A boxer or an MMA fighter. Well, we can’t have a definite answer to that. But we can decide who is the most ruthless puncher right now in combat sports. Is it Francis Ngannou or is it Deontay Wilder?

Francis Ngannou has been the talk of the town ever since he has stepped into the UFC octagon. His inhuman knockout power has caught the attention of the MMA universe. Despite the loss against Stipe Miocic, Ngannou is one of the biggest names in UFC. The scariest puncher in the history of UFC, Francis Ngannou has destroyed former champions with ease, proving his mettle.

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To make things even more exciting, Ngannou has been eyeing for a boxing debut. And who can be a more exciting matchup for Ngannou than the Bronze Bomber, Deontay Wilder, who has over 40 knockout wins in his career? The former WBC champion is notorious for knocking out his opponents in brutal fashion.

But the million-dollar question is who is the one that gets his hands raised if these two heavyweight elites get into a boxing ring? Well, according to Ryan Garcia, Ngannou is going to come out victorious over Wilder.

Ryan Garcia on potential Francis Ngannou vs Deontay Wilder

Just like million other fans boxing prodigy, Ryan Garcia is impressed with what Francis Ngannou has been able to do inside the octagon. Garcia stated:

“I seen his fight and I was like this dude is the craziest person in the world. Like he just came up and knocked that dude out. That was nasty. And that guy was talking a big game too the other guy. He was like he ain’t gonna beat me. Whatever. When I met Francis I was like this dude is like Superman. This dude is huge.”

Francis Ngannou

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The power that Deontay Wilder holds in his hands is god gifted and that can not be argued. However, Garcia believes Ngannou is more technical than Wilder, which should come by a surprise to many fans. Because Wilder has been practicing the craft of boxing for years. Garcia claimed:

“I think he has this insane power in his hand. He’s kind of like Deontay Wilder. You don’t have to worry about technique because you hit so hard. That’s what I seen in him. I think he’s better skilled. Deontay Wilder goes crazy sometimes.”

Ryan Garcia opens up about his dream matchup

Well, it seems Ryan Garcia is leaning towards the predator to get the job done. Who do you think will come out victorious in this super fight?

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