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Tyson Fury Reveals His Conditions for a Superfight Against Francis Ngannou



Tyson Fury vs Francis Nagnnou

In a recent interview with former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, the Gypsy King has made a few highlights.  Now, it is well known that apart from his boxing skill, which is nearly unmatched, Tyson Fury remains in the center of the limelight for his statements and mic skills. The WBC  champion is going to compete in the trilogy bout against Deontay Wilder this weekend. Before the much-anticipated bout, Tyson commented on his ongoing beef against Francis Ngannou. 

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Fury was training with UFC fighter Nate Diaz before Nate’s fight with Leon at UFC 263. So, considering his Twitter banter with Francis, Michael asked him if he could come to an MMA fight after he was done with boxing.  To which he responded ” No. But, I will fight these guys in a cage. But, not like grappling and all. Maybe caged boxing with small gloves

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Though the Gypsy King is interested in fighting MMA fighters, he doesn’t want to fight with pure MMA rules. He says these combat sports are not the same. He further explained that ” it’s like tennis and cricket. Both have bats but they are different things“. 

Tyson Fury accepts that he would get beaten by Francis Ngannou in wrestling 

He then accepts that if he gets into a wrestling fight with the UFC heavyweight champion he would get tucked to the ground quite easily and he would do the same to Francis if they meet in a boxing ring.  However, Fury says that he is ready to fight him if they fight in the middle ground of boxing and MMA.  

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He furthermore adds that, fans like banging, punching, big elbows, and all of that in MMA. So, it seems like there might be a chance of him getting into a cage fight in the future.  

Earlier Tyson Fury and UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou have expressed a strong intention to cross between their respective sports to face one another on social media. Fury even called Francis on by saying “You want some of Gypsy King power? I’ll give it to you! Any time, anywhere, anywhere”

nowadays social media has become a potential matchmaker, it won’t be surprising if their Twitter beef turns into an actual fight.