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UFC Fight Night Weigh-Ins: INTENSE Face off Between Kevin Holland and Marvin Vettori


Kevin Holland takes another fight on short notice and this time he takes on one of the toughest fighters in the middleweight division. The Trailblazer will enter the octagon to fight Marvin Vettori in the main event of UFC Vegas 23.

This is a big gamble for Kevin Holland. He is coming off a loss against Derek Brunson in a 5 round fight. And he is fighting a tougher opponent than Derek Brunson. But, it also shows that Kevin Holland is trying to get his redemption after a disappointing performance in his last fight.

Vettori vs Holland

Holland was criticized by the MMA fans following his lackluster performance against Derek Brunson and this fight is a huge opportunity for him to shut down the critics.

On the other hand, Marvin Vettori will enter the octagon to make another statement. The Italian Dream just wants to destroy his opponents and get close to a shot at the middleweight title. With huge stakes on the line, this fight is a highly anticipated one for the fans. And the face-off between these two middleweights meant all business.

Kevin Holland and Marvin Vettori are ready for a WAR

Kevin Holland has already made it clear that this time The TrailBlazer will enter the octagon and not Big Mouth. Holland has looked more focused and is not goofing around and cracking jokes like he usually does after the criticism from the fans.

However, it’s very hard to beat the intensity that Marvin Vettori brings to each and every fight. And the faceoff guarantees a barn burner this weekend.

Though Kevin Holland is an underdog in this fight he has a solid chance to cause an upset. Vettori is a well-rounded fighter and puts an insane pace and volume on his opponents. However, Holland can be lethal if he gets going on the feet. Holland has the power to deliver jaw-dropping knockout and he is very precise with his striking.

Vettori vs Holland prediction and analysis

The momentum is with Marvin Vettori who is coming off 4 wins in his last 4 fights. The pressure will be on the underdog Kevin Holland. But, the game of MMA is very unpredictable and it won’t be a huge surprise if Kevin Holland ruins the winning streak of Marvin Vettori at UFC Vegas 23.

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