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BREAKING: Coach Announces Massive Return Fight For Henry Cejudo



Henry Cejudo

Recently, Henry Cejudo announced that he will be coming out of retirement to fight Alexander Volkanovski. it’s needless to say that the fans will be excited to have CCC back in the octagon.

Henry Cejudo is at his prime and one of the best fighters in UFC right now. He has won titles in two divisions, an achievement a very few fighters have been able to accomplish. Henry Cejudo, who lays claims to the title of the most accomplished combat sports athlete, announced retirement after his win over Dominick Cruz.

If Henry Cejudo decides to never come back to the octagon then he will still have his legacy cemented as one of the greatest fighters of all time. But, why not achieve something that has never been done before?

Henry Cejudo

Many UFC fighters have won fights in three divisions, but who has won titles in three different divisions. And who has not lost a fight as a champion in three different divisions?

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Earlier in an interview with Submission Radio, Cejudo’s long time coach confirmed his UFC return and stated:

“There is more to come. Because guess what we are coming for Alex Volkanosvki with CCC. And he is becoming C4. And throw Kai Kara France in there too.”

Coach Eric Albarracin also predicted an early win for Costa who will take on the middleweight champion at UFC 253 “Paulo is going to erase him in the first round.”

Alexander Volkanovski is not an easy fight for Henry Cejudo

The fight against Alexander Volkanovski can be a big gamble for Henry Cejudo. If he beats Volkanovski then there should be no further discussion on who the GOAT is. However, beating the featherweight king won’t be easy at all.

Henry Cejudo

Volkanovski has beaten Max Holloway twice despite the controversies surrounding the decisions. He will be the bigger and stronger guy against Pedro Munhoz. However, Cejudo has defied the odds throughout his entire career. He beat the flyweight GOAT, Demetrious Johnson. He beat Marlon Moraes to become the bantamweight champion when many counted him out. He defeated the bantamweight great, Dominick Cruz. Who is to say he can’t do the same against the featherweight champion, Alexander Volkanovski?