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Anderson Silva Teases Joining Rival Promotion After UFC Retirement



Anderson Silva

Arguably the most respected fighter in the history of MMA, Anderson Silva will enter the octagon one last time on the next UFC Vegas card. The former middleweight champion will take on Uriah Hall in the main event.

Uriah Hall has the momentum with him as he is coming from 3 victories. However, this does not seem a befitting last fight for the legend, Anderson Silva. However, it can not be denied that Silva has fought multiple years when he was past his prime. And in the process, he has taken some serious damage and losses in the octagon.

The fighter who had a title reign of 2457 days is now on a year-long losing streak. Though he can still compete against the best fighters in the division it’s unlikely that he will beat them. And that’s one of the reasons Dana White wants him to retire.

However, Silva is not done yet. He might be done in UFC, but there are other promotions that will be happy to have The Spider. In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Anderson Silva opened up about his future and stated:

“I am excited to take this fight, my last fight in UFC. I am so happy, I’m so excited.”

Will Anderson Silva retire after Uriah Hall fight?

When asked about fighting in promotion other than UFC, Silva seemed to consider the option as he stated:

“We will see. Something’s changed but this is my last fight for UFC probably. But a special answer for Dana. You know it’s tough. Talking about this is the last or not. But yes, possibly in the UFC, this is the last fight. I have my contract, I signed and I do my best.”

With a record of 34 wins and 10 losses, Anderson Silva is considered one of the greatest to ever do it. It’s hard to not respect Silva for all the achievements in his career. However, most of the fans would agree to Silva’s legacy has taken a bump in the last few years.

However, fans will never say no to watch Silva compete. His skillsets are still world-class and give nostalgia to the fans who have witnessed the true potential of Anderson Silva. If Silva wants to continue his MMA journey after UFC then he will easily find a new home.