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“Be Careful What You Wish For”- Michael Bisping Sends a Stern Warning to Conor Mcgregor Amidst His Heated Feud With Daniel Cormier



In the past week, Conor McGregor and Daniel Cormier entered into a war of words where both the fighters had a go at each other and commented harsh things on social media. Moreover, The Notorious lashed out on Cormier in a series of tweets that he later went on to delete. Consequently, many analysts and fight fans reacted to their controversy and gave their opinion on this matter. Among these people, Michael Bisping who is a former UFC middleweight champion has expressed his thoughts about this feud between Daniel Cormier and Conor McGregor. Bisping who is currently working as a commentator in UFC gave a recap about the feud in his podcast.

“I’m just gonna say this: be careful what you wish for, careful who you’re picking fights with. I’m not disrespecting Conor McGregor, but I don’t care what kind of McGregor it is, whether it is the double champ, Conor McGregor. DC is gonna fu****g pull you limb from limb. He can do it one-handed, he can do it with one eye, two eyes, no eyes, he can do it after (drinking) 25 Modelos. That ain’t a fight. That is murder. That is assault. Somebody call the cops.”  

It is clear that Michael Bisping is in support of Daniel Cormier as he believes that the former heavyweight champion would destroy Conor McGregor in a fight. He also commented in his podcast later that Conor’s comments about Cormier being fat are unfair. Because DC competed in the heavyweight division and he never really focused on getting a ripped body.

Michael Bisping cannot understand why Conor McGregor slammed Daniel Cormier on Twitter

After reading Conor McGregor’s deleted tweets where the Notorious had put allegations on Daniel Cormier, Michael Bisping made a point about this and defended DC in his podcastYeah, it’s fine, it’s one f*****g beer and they did it on TV with the UFC. So it’s clutching its straws, so I’m not sure why he is going at DC. I’m not sure why that is.

Michael Bisping on Conor McGregor and Daniel Cormier

He could not comprehend why Conor McGregor attacked Cormier verbally but believes it could be because Daniel Cormier and Dustin Poirier are good friends or maybe because the former heavyweight champion criticised him after his fight against Poirier. Comment Below, What are your thoughts about this entire feud between Conor McGregor and Daniel Cormier.