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“Best MMA Fighter Ever”- Jon Jones Says Fighting Israel Adesanya Would Be “Unfair”



Jon Jones

Israel Adesanya lost his first fight in MMA when he took on Jon Blachowicz at UFC 259. It was Adesanya’s light heavyweight debut in UFC and despite the loss, he was able to collect the accolades of many fans. However, Jon Jones has not shown any mercy to Adesanya following his loss.

Despite his failed light heavyweight debut, Adesanya is still interested to fight Jon Jones possibly at light heavyweight. In a recent interview with ESPN, Adesanya talked about a potential fight with Jon Jones:

“This is just a valley in my story. In any movie, in any anime series, you always have the valleys and you rise up from that. This is just mine and it’s like, all right, cool, bet. I’m taking this very well, and I know exactly what I have to do to get back to my true self, so yeah, I’m doing just that. But Nah, that fight’s not dead. I’m coming for that a**.”

Well, the light heavyweight GOAT, Jon Jones has responded to Adesanya’s comment. Laughing at Adesanya’s aspiration for a super fight, Jones tweeted:

“This dude backed himself into a corner with his mouth and is actually trying to keep the wolf tickets selling. Only a real anime fan could actually see Izzy somehow defeating me at 245 pounds.”

Jon Jones seems uninterested in a super fight with Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya is undoubtedly an elite striker. However, there were always questions surrounding his wrestling and grappling. In the middleweight division, Adesanya did extremely well in those two aspects of the fight game in some of his fights. However, he was dominated by Jan Blachowicz on the ground at UFC 259. It was clear that against someone as elite and as big as Blachowicz, Adesanya would struggle on the ground.

Jones took a dig at Adesanya’s ground game and stated:

” Dudes claiming to be the best MMA fighter ever, with 1/3 of an MMA game. Arrogance at its finest, I swear it will make you blind.”

Israel Adesanya

Jones also stated that fighting Izzy would be unfair. Responding to a fan’s question, Jones said: “Izzy could be my little bro because fighting him would be just unfair”

We are a few months away from the long-anticipated heavyweight debut of Jon Jones. Jones is going to fight the winner of Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou. So it might seem that Adesanya vs Jones is off the table. However, if Jones ever decides to come back to light heavyweight, which does seem a bit unlikely if he becomes the heavyweight champ, then the fans can finally have the super-fight they are waiting for.