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“Big Mouth” Kevin Holland Reveals Why He Talks to His Opponents Inside the Octagon

One of the most exciting middleweights in UFC, Kevin Holland takes on Derek Brunson in the main event of UFC Vegas 22. This is one of the most crucial fights in Holland’s UFC run so far. A win over Brunson can put Holland in the mix for a potential title shot. But, a loss will bring an end to his five-fight winning streak in the division.

Besides that, Derek Brunson is a tough matchup for Kevin Holland. Brunson is a veteran in the UFC and has fought the very best fighters in the middleweight division. And he is most certainly a threat to the rise of Kevin Holland. 

Kevin Holland

Considering the stakes of this fight, you may think that Holland is going to be deadly serious when he sees Brunson inside the octagon. Well, though Holland is a savage inside the octagon he knows how to amplify the fun while getting into a fistfight.

The Deadpool of UFC, Kevin Holland

Kevin Holland talks a lot both inside and outside of the octagon. One of the most notable aspects of Holland is his continuous talking to his opponent during a fight. Irrespective of the situation he is in during a fight, Kevin Holland can’t help but talk to his opponent. And that’s the reason UFC president, Dana White calls him “The Big Mouth”. The fans have even started calling him the Deadpool of UFC.

But, what might be the reason behind this attitude of Kevin Holland inside the octagon? Well, the Big Mouth has finally revealed the secret in the preview of his fight with Derek Brunson. Holland said:

“I love talking to my opponents. Sing somebody a sweet lullaby before you put them to bed. That is what I do”.

Well, Kevin Holland has done it time and time again. Jacare Souza took him down and it seemed he would do some serious damage to Holland. But, while he was on the ground Holland said that he had a dream about getting stuck on the ground during a fight against Jacare Souza. And a few moments later he viciously knocked out Souza to win the fight.

Though a lot of the things Holland does are unconventional he is a savage inside the octagon. Holland is a phenomenal striker and can put the top UFC middleweights in trouble if he keeps on improving on his game.

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