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BREAKING: Conor McGregor Denies “Sexual Assault Allegations” Following Arrest

Conor McGregor is yet again in trouble as he is reportedly arrested for sexual assault and indecent exposure, as per the prosecutor’s office.

Conor McGregor is in France right now to participate in the water bike race in Corsica. 

A statement from the prosecter’s office to AFP read: “Following a complaint filed on September 10 denouncing acts that could be described as attempted sexual assault and sexual exhibition, Mr Conor Anthony Mac Gregor (sic) was the subject of a hearing by the gendarmerie services,”.

As per another report from TMZ Sports, McGregor has denied all the allegations and has been released after an interview. The reports said: 

“Conor Mcgregor vigorously denies any accusations of misconduct. He has been interviewed and released.”

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor continues to stay in trouble outside the octagon

This is not the first time Conor McGregor has been in trouble outside the octagon. The biggest name in the sports of MMA has been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons on multiple occasions. He has also faced sexual misconduct allegations in the past. He has also been in trouble for punching an old man in an Irish bar and trashing a fan’s phone outside a club. However, the MMA world has seen a different Conor McGregor since his return.

Conor McGregor did not get involved in verbal altercations with his opponent Donald Cerrone the leading up to UFC 246. That made the fans believe that Conor McGregor is indeed a changed man and is fully focused on his MMA career once again.

Conor McGregor

However, the recent allegations will surely disappoint the fans of the Notorious One. Conor announced retirement from the sports months away from UFC 246 as he was unable to get an exciting fight from UFC. Conor aimed to have a title shot against the current champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

However, Khabib faces Justin Gaethje next to defend his UFC lightweight champion. Though there are some intriguing matchups for McGregor in UFC, the former champion decided to call it quits after months of speculations.

At the moment, he is retired from the sport. But, he is still under the USADA testing pool, which suggests that he can make an octagon return anytime he wants to. If Conor McGregor decides to make his return then a possible fight with Nick Diaz will surely entertain the fans as there is an existing rivalry between McGregor and the Diaz brothers.

However, the MMA future of the former champion is still uncertain at the moment.

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