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BREAKING: Conor McGregor Fights Dustin Poirier Next in an Exhibition Fight

The tension between Conor McGregor and Dana White is at its peak at the moment. Last week, McGregor leaked the private chats with White to justify his decision to announce retirement. 

McGregor wanted to prove that he is the one who was eager to fight again after UFC 246. But, UFC was unable to give him a suitable matchup. He was also unhappy with White for not giving him an opportunity to fight for the interim lightweight title.

And now it seems Conor McGregor is going to box Dustin Poirier later this year in an exhibition match.

Conor McGregor offered a charity fight to former lightweight interim champion, Dustin Poirier. The money earned from this fight will go straight to Poirier’s Good fight foundation and charities of Conor’s choice. And zero money will be given to the UFC.

Conor McGregor sets the rules for the exhibition fight

There will be no weigh-ins and the fight will be under unified rules. McGregor even showed a sweet gesture and said that he would take care of the travel expenses for Dustin Poirier and his wife Jolly Poirier.

Conor McGregor tweeted:

 “Hey bro! You want to do an MMA charity fight? Zero to do with the ufc. I will donate half a mill towards your charity for it. Sell it on ppv or work a tv deal and we work out other charities that are close to my heart also. I am engaged in many. Strictly a charity “exhibition”.”

Dustin Poirier accepted the fight against McGregor saying it will help a lot of people in need. Conor McGregor appreciated Poirier and promised that he will work on it to get the fight done. McGregor stated:

“Excellent! We shall take it offline and progress the process from here. Good man Dustin! I respect your philanthropic efforts greatly, as well as how you conducted yourself post our first fight. You have my respect!”

Conor McGregor

Now it’ll be a huge event without a doubt. Conor and Dustin will make a lot of money for charity as well. The fans were not expecting a charity match between the two but they will for sure tune in to watch these lightweight elites fight. And there is one problem that comes with this “Exhibition” matches. UFC might not like the idea of two of their active fighters competing outside the octagon.

Nevertheless, the fans are not going to complain as long as they get to see Conor McGregor compete.



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