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Colby Covington Gives Uncensored Details on His Romantic Relationship With Polyana Viana

One of the most controversial figures in UFC history, Colby Covington has been in the spotlight for his relationship with UFC strawweight Polyana Viana.

Not so long ago, Covington posted a picture of him and Polyana sparring, which led the fans to believe that the former interim champion is dating the Brazilian fighter.

Polyana Viana

Polyana Viana even got a backlash from the Brazilian fans for her relationship with Colby Covington. However, she denied the rumors of dating Colby Covington. But, the recent comments from Colby Covington have probably made things worse.

Colby Covington knows how to get the heat from the UFC fans and that’s why he is the most polarising figure in UFC today. The fans are aware that he is playing a gimmick, but there are times he has crossed the line. And this might be one of those moments. Talking about his relationship with the fellow UFC fighter, Covington stated:

“Everybody’s gonna have to use their imagination on that one. I am not claiming to be your boyfriend but what’s up with titles these days. Why does there have to be a title? Why can’t two adults just have fun together? And that’s exactly what we did. We spent a couple of days together, had a great time together.”

Colby Covington opens up on Polyana Viana

Talking to Submission Radio, Covington revealed the reason for not accepting the fight against Leon Edwards. Covington also shared some details about his relationship with Polyana by saying:

I was b*lls deep in Polyana Viana, so get me off the couch in three weeks’ notice to fight some Leon Scott [Edwards] guy. You know, it was going to be a price tag. I wanted a little bit more than was in my contract, I just wasn’t gonna show up for a normal paycheck to fight that guy. The way I fight guys, I redline it every time I fight.

“That fight was never gonna happen unless the UFC was gonna pay for it to happen because like I said before, I was with Polyana Viana. I got better things to do than show up on some irrelevant card against some irrelevant guy named Leon [Edwards].

Recently, the MMA community was split after UFC bantamweight Casey Kenny made some controversial comments about Megan Anderson. And Covington’s comments might get some heat from the fans considering he is already hated by a significant number of UFC fans.

So far, Polyana Viana has not responded to the comments from Colby Covington. But it can be assured that the fans are certainly invested in Covington’s romantic relationship with Polyana Viana.


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