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Colby Covington Says His Relationship With Dana White Changed After the Kamaru Usman Fight



Colby Covington and Dana White

Recently, Colby Covington opened up about his UFC journey. He revealed about the beef between him and the UFC president  Dana White during his early years in the promotion. Ahead of his title bout against Kumaru Usman at UFC 268, Covington gave an interview to ESPN. 

During the interview, the ‘Chaos‘ revealed his conversation with Hunter Campbell who called him after his first fight against Usman and congratulated him for his performance. ” He was just like man, you just put one of the greatest fights I have ever seen live,” said Covington.  

Further explaining his beef with Dana White, he answered” He misunderstood me. He did not know who I was and what I was trying to do.” According to Covington Dana did not respect him in his early days. However, after the Usman fight, it changed.


He showed it in the media saying that it was one of his top 3 or top 5 greatest fights he had seen live,” said Covington. The former Interim UFC Welterweight Champion expressed that after that interaction he understood a lot about Dana white and showed his respect to him. ” We’ve kind of had a bad drift in the past. But he was able to put that aside and really say the true thoughts” Covington added. 

Colby Covington ‘s final run for the championship:

After a lot of struggle with the set of the fight, Covington will finally gets his chance to take his revenge against Usman. Covington currently is 33 years old. So, this is probably his last run for the belt. In the first fight, Chaos faced defeat as the fight stopped in the fifth round with concerns about his broken jaw. Following the fight, Covington showed his annoyance by criticizing Usman for faking his injury and getting the extra rest time. The fighter also complained about the poor stoppage that caused him the defeat. 

Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington

This November 6, Colby will take on Usman and will like to beat the Nigerian Nightmare fair and square. On the other hand, Usman has been undefeated and has dominated his whole division. So, he is aiming to move up a weight but before that this fight is a firm challenge for him.