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Dana White Gives a Major Update on UFC Return of Nick Diaz

Recently, Nick Diaz shook the world when reports of the Stockton Slugger targeting a UFC return in early 2021 started doing the rounds on the internet. Diaz made weight and his manager revealed that he is keeping an eye on to fights in the Welterweight division, signaling a Welterweight return for the former Strikeforce Champion. Many fighters lined up to challenge Diaz, with Stephen Thompson more than happy to welcome back Diaz back to the octagon. Darren Till also called out Diaz and stated that he is the best fighter other than Israel Adesanya to welcome Diaz at the Middleweight division. While Daniel Cormier was more shifted towards Leon Edwards taking on Nick Diaz, Edwards also welcomed to opportunity to face the former UFC title contender.

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Earlier today, Conor McGregor also called out Nick and Nate Diaz. “Line them up” McGregor captioned in reply to a recent post by Nate Diaz. With incredible match-ups on the line for the elder Diaz, it will be exciting to see him back in the octagon. However, the UFC President is not keeping his hope high. In a recent conversation, Dana White shared his thoughts on Diaz returning to the octagon.

Dana White reveals there have been talks with Nick Diaz and the team

Nick Diaz

When asked if he has heard about Diaz potentially targeting an early 2021 return, here’s what the UFC President had to say. Dana White was also questioned whether there have been any conversation with Diaz or his team on the potential return.

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“Listen, the Nick Diaz thing? First of all, we never released that or on that, you know, we’ll see how this thing lays out but I have no expectations whatsoever.” Dana White stated that he will see how much Nick Diaz is able to commit to his UFC return and has no expectations whatsoever.

Dana White revealed that there have been talks with Nick Diaz and the team, but those conversations have been going on for years. The Diaz Brothers and Dana White don’t share a very healthy relationship with each other owing to past negotiations disputes between both the parties. It will be interesting to see how Dana White and Diaz will work together if indeed Nick Diaz makes his UFC return.



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