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“Stop Trying to Act Like You’re a Hero”- Colby Covington Blasts “Dirtbag” Jon Jones



Jon Jones

Recently, UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones made the news for his ongoing nasty negotiation with UFC, which eventually led him to vacate his light heavyweight title. While many say this move by Jon just to have some leverage during negotiation some believe that Jones might walk away from the sport. Jones’ archnemesis and the former welterweight interim champion, Colby Covington weighs in on the ongoing controversies surrounding Jon Jones in a recent interview with Submission Radio.

Colby Covington addressed Jones trying to protect his city by stopping teenagers who were trying to vandalize public property and said:

“I think this is hilarious how fake he is and now he is trying to act like he is a babyface hero? Dude, you’re a scumbag. You were just shooting guns getting a DUY last week. Where were you at when the cops were there?”

Colby Covington

Colby Covington lashes at Good Guy Jon Jones

Colby Covington even brought up all the steroid accusations Jones has had throughout his career and bashed him for pretending to be a hero.

“All the steroids you’ve done, all the cocaine you’ve done, man, you’re not a good guy. You’re not a hero Jon. Stop trying to act like you’re a hero. He wants to be a babyface hero and look good fro negotiations with Dana. The guy is a complete joke. He doesn’t deserve to be paid. It’s one thing to make a mistake. But it’s another thing to make the same mistake one after one after another after another. The guy is a dirtbag. He should not be paid for anything.”

“He is afraid to fight”- Colby Covington blasts Jorge Masvidal for calling out Nate Diaz

Colby Covington shared his thoughts on Jon Jones trying to get an insane amount of money because he is the longest-reigning light heavyweight champion and said:

“Belts don’t mean anything anymore. The biggest fight that can be made they are not with belts anymore. Look at me and Jorge Masvidal. There is no belt, there is just real beef.”

“He’s got nowhere to go”- Colby Covington issues warning to his next opponent

Colby Covington added that for Jones the big money fight is not in the light heavyweight division. The former interim champion believes that Jones can find money fight against Israel Adesanya or in the heavyweight division.

Dana White is not looking like in a mood to entertain Jones’ demands in a tough time where UFC is having to take a financial hit due to pandemic and no live gates. However, it can be expected that Jones will be back in the octagon sooner or later.