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“He Has The Most Power of Anybody I’ve Ever Faced Before”- Jorge Masvidal Reveals Who Hits the Hardest



From Miami’s backyard to Madison square garden, what a journey it has been for the BMF, Jorge Masvidal. The welterweight elite has fought in numerous organizations against over 50 opponents. And it’s needless to say that he has faced some of the ruthless athletes this sport had to offer.

However, not all of the opponents have been able to phase Jorge Masvidal with their power. Masvidal has been out grappled by the likes of Demian Maia and he has been out strike by the likes of Stephen Thompson. But very few can claim that they have dropped Jorge Masvidal on the canvas.

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Despite over 50 fights against some of the elite fighters, Jorge Masvidal has never been knocked out in his career. However, there are some fighters who were able to get the BMF’s attention with their punching power.

Jorge Masvidal

And Paul Daley is one of them. Anyone who has followed MMA over the last decade is likely to be aware of the notorious left hand of Paul Daley. After all, Daley’s power got through the legendary chin of Nick Diaz. Masvidal stated:

“He’s got a good pop. Also, I was lighter in my career at the time. He hit me in my arms a couple of times and I could feel his thud. Let me see who else? James Krause hit me with a right hand, but it was more like the place(back of the head) where he got me rather than actual raw power.”

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Even though Paul Daley impressed Masvidal with his power he was not the fiercest puncher the BMF has ever faced. It was the former number one welterweight title contender, Darren Till.

Jorge Masvidal

Darren Till vs Jorge Masvidal was an entertaining scrap until it lasted. Till looked phenomenal in the first round and he even dropped Masvidal once in the fight. However, Masvidal came back with a beautiful combo to viciously knock Till out. Masvidal claimed that:

“Till, actually yes. That’s who I would definitely say. Till has the most power of anybody I’ve ever faced before. I remember his lead hand. He’s very well balanced. It wasn’t just like his straight left is powerful. When he hit me with a jab, it felt like a regular right hand. It was like thudding the guy.”

Who do you think is the most powerful puncher in the history of the UFC welterweight division?