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Did Kamaru Usman Break Colby Covington’s Jaw During Their Fight at UFC 268



Colby Covington kamaru Usman

The last time Colby Covington and Kumaru Usman faced each other inside the octagon was in 2019 at UFC 245. Covington suffered a loss in that fight and failed to get his hands on the Welterweight Championship belt. The fight was a classic and was remembered as one of the best title fights in UFC history.

While Usman put forward a great performance and came victorious that night, Covington had a lot of complaints regarding the fight. Some of the complaints that ‘ The Chaos ‘ put forward were Usman faking the groin shot, eye poke from Covington, etc. One of the most highlighted claims that Covington strongly denies was that Usman had broken his jaw during the fight. 

In a recent interview with ESPN, Covington opened up about the broken jaw claims and why he choose not to do any media interviews. ” It definitely wasn’t broken,” Covington said. According to Covington, Usman did land a clean and good strike but it wasn’t enough to break his jaw. 


The fighter explained that he has the capability to take hard hits and is the toughest fighter in the division. ” I’m tougher than anybody, I can endure anything.” Said Covington. 

Covington also revealed that after the fight he didn’t want to talk to the media and also chose not to use stay media for some time. Due to his silence, many assumed that his jaw was broken and he was embarrassed to accept defeat. ” I didn’t want to come out and say anything. I wanted to see how the media was going to spin it,”  said Covington.

Colby Covington has the chance to shut his critics down:

After the fight with Usman, Covington went to defeat Tyron Woodley at UFC Fight Night: Covington vs. Woodley.  But the fighter always had unfinished business with the Nigerian Nightmare‘.

Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington at UFC 268 (1)

Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington at UFC 268 (Screengrab)

Finally, Covington got his chance to face Usman at UFC 268 and defeat him fair and square and avenge the embarrassment he faced last time. For the Chaos, this will be a great challenge as the undefeated Welterweight Champion is on a dominating streak and is looking forward to breaking Covington for real this time. No matter who will walk out from Madison Square Garden as a winner, the fight is going to be a treat for MMA fans.