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“Don’t Let These Motherf****s tell You Ain’t S**t”- Nate Diaz Gives Advice to Leon Edwards on How to Deal With Haters



Nate Diaz vs Leon Edwards

Leon Edwards tore Nate Diaz apart in their fight at UFC 263. However, It was the last minute of the fight when Nate came up with a beautiful combo and saved his reputation.  But, now his opponent Leon has confessed regarding Nate’s after-fight advice to him. For which fans’ respect and love for him has heightened.

After defeating Nate, Leon is on his 9th winning streak. And that’s when Diaz gave Edwards advice about his career going forward. Leon tweeted –


Diaz is a prime example of a person who fights when it’s worth it. The long stretches and breaks in his career are the outcomes of those decisions. Nate wanted Edwards to understand it properly after observing his growth and current status of his career. Fight fans are showing love for Nate after seeing this advice of his.  

Nate Diaz hitting Leon Edwards at UFC 263

Now, even after Leon’s 9 wins streak, Dana didn’t consider him for the title shot against the Nigerian Nightmare Kamaru Usman.  On the other hand, Covington’s inactivity didn’t matter much for his rematch against Kamaru.Despite sitting on the outside since his victory over Tyron Woodley. Colby’s promising performance against Usman has to lead to their rematch. However, Leon might be getting to fight against Masvidal as Dana White acknowledged that the bout between Edwards and Masvidal will always “be hanging out there”. 

Should Leon Edwards get ashotfor the championship as he defeated Nate diaz

The whole idea of Colby getting a title shot against Kamaru is large because of his win against Tryon Woodley. But, he has been on the sidelines since September 2020. Even Gilbert Burns defeated Woolley last year and went on for his title shot against Kamaru. However, he lost it.

December 19, 2015; Orlando, FL, USA; Leon Edwards moves in with a punch against Kamaru Usman during UFC Fight Night at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

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So, winning a fight against a fighter who has retired has certainly not aged well. In addition to that, Colby’s inactivity is always a cause of concern. Furthermore, no matter how well he performed in the match against Usman. But, he lost ultimately.

While on the other side of the coin Leon is on a winning streak by defeating some of the real gangsters for the game. Secondly, unlike Colby, he has never fought Kamaru for a championship. Rocky deserves a shot for the title for sure.  If not now then in the future for sure.