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“Dusty B***H”- Dustin Poirier Slams Conor McGregor For Trying to Grapple After Getting Hurt in the Trilogy



Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier

The long-heated rivalry between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier ended in an anti-climax at UFC 264. Dustin Poirier secured a TKO victory after McGregor injured his leg in a freak accident after a competitive round 1.

After the fight, there were a lot of debates around what really caused McGregor’s leg to break. Conor McGregor claimed that he had pre-existing stress fractures on his leg, which led to the injury during the fight. However, Dustin Poirier is not too eager to believe McGregor’s explanations. In a recent appearance on Punchin in the podcast, Dustin Poirier explained what really caused McGregor’s leg to break. 

“I know from getting kicked and kicked so many times over the years that when the kick lands bad it hurts both of us. Cause you know it’s hitting my knee, but it hurts the other guy a lot more. Just from sparring rounds I just know. There was one kick I turned my knee out a little bit. I did not fully check it. I did not have my weight like a traditional check. (When Poirier pointed). I knew that was a bad one for him, I knew that one hurt him bad.”

“I think it was on the top of his foot. but you never know if that could have caused a torque on his shinbone and cracked it. I don’t know. he was throwing hard kicks and a lot of them were hitting my knee. I did turn my knee out and it was bone on bone and it was worse for him.” The Diamond continued.

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Dustin Poirier takes a dig at Conor McGregor

Leading up to the fight, Conor McGregor mocked Dustin Poirier for shooting a takedown in the first round of the rematch. He even said that the first one to shoot will be a Dusty B***h. Well, after McGregor went for grappling exchange after getting tagged with a strike from Poirier, it’s time for Poirier to troll McGregor as he says:

“I know he is a fast and great counter puncher. So I did not want to leave myself open too much and chase him. But I was able to slip his cross twice in that fight and throw my own. The first one I hurt him. And that’s why he tries to start a grapple. You know like a Dusty B***h.”

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Despite the unfortunate end to the fight, it’s still a win for Dustin Poirier and he is still the number one contender in the division. But, there is a possibility that the fans might see McGregor vs Poirier 4th time if McGregor can come after the recovery and still compete against the lightweight elites. 

But, for Dustin Poirier winning the undisputed lightweight title is the ultimate goal now.