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“I Knocked Him Out Bad” – Francis Ngannou Reveals He Knocked Out Ciryl Gane With a Head Kick During Sparring

Fernand Lopez, former head coach of Francis Ngannou, calmed in the recent days that Ciryl Gane often dominated the heavyweight champion in the sparring sessions. In leaked footage, the claim turned out to be true as Gane was seen backing up the champ. However, the 35-year old has now stated that he knocked out the challenger in training sessions.

Yesterday, all the fighters who are scheduled to appear at the upcoming PPV event, faced the media members. During that, Ngannou was asked to clarify his comments in the Countdown video for UFC 270. In that, he claimed to have knocked down Ciryl Gane during the sparring sessions.

Clarifying that, Francis said, “Did I say that on Countdown (knockdown instead of knockout)? Oh sorry, I said that. I knocked him out bad.” When asked about how he knocked him out, the champ stated, “High kick, left kick.”

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He also talked about why that footage was not released. Francis added, “There’s a lot reason why that footage did not come out.” He further explained, “That knockout wasn’t a voluntary knockout. It was in sparring, it was an accident. I didn’t intend to knock him out. So personally it not something that I’ll be proud of.”

Francis Ngannou pointed out that it was not something that he bragged about as training partners are supposed to be careful about the safety of each other.

Francis Ngannou predicts the outcome of the fight

During the scrum, Francis Ngannou also predicted the outcome of the fight. According to him, it will be a “Knockout under two rounds.” 

The information of this knockout comes at a very opportune time as the event is only a few days away. Hence, it will make the experts rethink their predictions for the fight. It proves that Francis Ngannou knows a way to find Ciryl Gane’s chin.

Gane is extremely agile for a heavyweight. Hence, the claim of Ngannou using his kicks is significant. If the Cameroon native uses leg strikes to immobilize the movement of the French fighter, it will be easier for Francis to land his trademark power punches.

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