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Georges St-Pierre Lists His All Time Greatest Boxers

Georges St-Pierre will go down as one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. St-Pierre’s fight IQ and his knowledge of the sports of mixed martial arts has always proved detrimental to every fighter trying to come up in the world of mixed martial arts. In a recent interaction, St-Pierre talked about boxing and revealed his thoughts on Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury for the undisputed heavyweight championship. If we make a list of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, St-Pierre is likely going to find his name on the top. During the conversation, he revealed his list of the greatest boxers to step inside the octagon.

Georges St-Pierre reveals his favorite boxer

Georges St-Pierre also remarked on boxing and claimed that it is a very restrictive and limited form of fighting. However, he added that it is a very specialized form of fighting.

“Boxing is a very limited, restricted form of fighting but its a very specialized form of fighting. I didn’t spend enough time in my life to specialize in that particular game.”

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St-Pierre also opened up about the limitation of his boxing because of MMA, and why he cannot perform as efficiently as other boxers inside the boxing ring.

“When I spar with the world champion. I can stay with them three-four or maybe five rounds. But after that, I can say it’s not my sport. I am not as efficient as they are. My gas tank goes down much rapidly than them.” St-Pierre added, “They use tricks that I can’t use in my sport.”

St-Pierre revealed his favorite boxers and said that he is excited for Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury. While he did not predict the winner of the fight, St-Pierre said that a lot will depend on the mental strength of both the boxers on the night of the bout.

“Of all time, my favorite was Sugar Ray Leonard. Right now, Lamachenko is good. Floyd Mayweather. I would like to see Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. That would be good.”

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